Teal Stacked Coins

I have named this quilt, Teal Stacked Coins. This is my original design.

I started this quilt on retreat in October 2019. Originally I had thought I would alternate the string pieced units with solid units the same size as the string pieced rectangles. I had to abandon this idea after sewing a couple of columns together and realizing that I had too much bulk in the seam intersections to get the quilt to lay flat. I ended up playing with the layout on the design wall and ended up going with alternate blocks that were half the size of the string pieced rectangles and I added a plain sashing strip between the rows to remove those bulky seam intersections.

The string pieced units were pieced onto used Color Catcher sheets. The Color Catchers remain in the quilt. I have made many quilts from these 4″ x 9″ string brick units but I think this one is my favorite because of the Kona teal background.

The quilt was quilted on my long arm using the Swirls pattern with an 80-20 Hobbs batting that gives the quilt a bit of loft that helps define the quilting and makes it perfect for cuddling in front of the TV. This is a large lap size quilt–my husband is holding the quilt for the photo and it generously covers his 6’2″ frame.

Finished size: 59″ x 78″.

Mountain Strings – Flimsy

String Mountains_flimsy_Nov 10, 2018

This is my latest finished flimsy.  These blocks were pieced on a broadcloth (not 100% cotton) foundation.   I piece blocks until I have enough for a project or two and then decide on the layout.

A fabric foundation makes the blocks heavier. In order to reduce the final weight of the quilt, I decided to add some unpieced fabric to the design.  Once the blocks were pieced into squares, I placed a light grey Kona solid square on top of them and drew a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner across the block.  Then I sewed 1/4″ from the drawn line on both sides of the line.  By cutting on the line after stitching, I ended up with two string pieced half square triangles. (Say that a few times quickly!)

I played with layouts and after searching the internet for inspiration, I came up with this layout.  The Quilted Twins  blog is a great source of inspiration and free patterns.  I ended up with a layout inspired by the quilt that Becky designed called, Stringles.  I have inverted my “mountains” and I have not included the half triangle bits on the end of the rows or at the bottom of the quilt.  I think my “mountains” look more like they are floating on the grey background.

Mountain Strings finishes as a flimsy at 59.5″ x 65″ which makes a nice lap size quilt.

Butterfly Trails – Finished Flimsy

This photo was taken of the daisies in our yard.  I don’t have much time for a flower garden but I love flowers.  These daisies are perfect–perennial and low maintenance.  They keep coming back year after year, despite my neglect!

This weekend is a long weekend in most provinces in Canada.  Monday is BC Day here in British Columbia. I used one of my annual leave days from work and made it an extra long weekend–4 days.  That extra day proved to be a very productive day.  I finished this quilt to a flimsy.  Today, I will be loading it on the long arm and I will start the quilting.  The colouring in the photo is off–it looks blue, but it is really purple.

This is a close up of the blocks. 

This quilt is called Butterfly Trails from Terry Atkinson’s book, Time Out Quilts. This quilt is lap size–finishing at 63″ x 77″. I love Terry’s quilt sizing. So many patterns say they are lap size but they are really no bigger than something that would cover your legs if you were sitting down. Terry’s quilt sizing is generous–when Terry says lap size, you know you will have something you can cover up with when you are having a nap on the couch with enough quilt to wrap generously around your feet.

Fire Escape

Sometimes you need a project that provides instant gratification on a finish to jump start the creative process.  I also wanted to make use of my existing stash. 

I have been saving a group of Debbie Mumm fabrics for years–at least 10 years–waiting for just the right pattern to come along.   

Terry Atkinson’s pattern,  Fire Escape was just the ticket to showcase my stack of Debbie Mumm aqua and red fabrics.  This pattern uses only 5 – 1 yard cuts of fabric plus one contrasting fabric for the lap size (60″ x 72″) quilt.

This one is now a finished flimsy and moves to the “to be quilted pile”.  Let’s hope it doesn’t spend another 10 years on that pile!