Customer Quilts

Once again I find myself not posting for two weeks. I have been busy quilting–just not for myself.

I quilted this first quilt for a customer to give as a wedding gift to a special couple that are her neighbours. The flower blocks were embroidered with her new embroidery machine. She asked for hearts in each of the floral blocks with waves between the blocks. This is a picture of the back of the same quilt. This picture shows the heart and wave quilting a little clearer.
This is a quilt that I quilted for an international friend. This quilt was pieced by a perfectionist and was a delight to quilt. I enjoyed looking at all the fabrics as I recognize many of them–some were in my stash in the past and some are still in my stash now!
The next three quilts were pieced by the same person. This lady is busy “using up her scraps”. How wonderful to give such colourful scraps new purpose.

This quilt showcases a wonderful collection of prints. The piecer of this quilt intends to gift this quilt to a very special friend.
This quilt was pieced by a new quilter–her first quilt! The woman who pieced this quilt is also an expert seamstress and her skills shine in this quilt–there are no mismatched seams in this one!
And so now that the backlog of customer quilts has been caught up, I can breathe and spend a bit of time working on my own projects……until the next wave of quilts arrives anyway!

2008 Quilt Show Challenge

This is a picture of the fabric for our quilt guild’s 2008 Quilt Show Challenge. The name of our show (to be held in September 2008) is: “Quilts From the Heart”.

The “rules” of the challenge are simple.

1. Purchase your kit for $2.00. (The low cost of the challenge fabric is thanks to the Liquidation World fabric sale!) The fabric is a strip 8″ wide by WOF. Basically, the organizer bought what fabric was left on the bolt and divided the piece by 24 (total number of kits). You don’t need to use all of the fabric, but we are to use enough that it is clearly visible (a 1″ square would not suffice).

2. Your quilt must include at least one heart motif.

3. The outside perimeter of your work should be no smaller than 72″ and no bigger than 168″.

4. Your work must have a hanging sleeve.

5. You must include a label on the back of the quilt, and then cover the label with a piece of fabric to ensure anonymity.

6. Quilts are to be submitted at the September meeting in an unmarked bag.

7. Winners will be determined at the quilt show by Viewer’s Choice.

8. Have fun!

This sounds like my kind of challenge–especially, rule #8!

Customer Quilt

One of the things I enjoy most about quilting for others is the stories that go along with the quilts.

This quilt is owned by a self proclaimed non-quilter and non-sewer. The blocks were inherited from my customer’s step mother. My customer set the blocks together using a small floral print fabric that closely matches the time period that the blocks were made. The blocks were hand embroidered by friends and family of my customer’s stepmother. These blocks are old and only one or two people are still alive today that originally made these blocks. This quilt holds great sentimental significance to the owner. I was thrilled to have a part in preserving these memories.

This first picture shows the quilt from the back.

This quilt was quilted exclusively with Circle Lord templates: the heart, the wave, and tiles.

This quilt has Thermore for batting as the quilter was originally thinking of hand quilting this piece. She decided she did not have the time to commit to hand quilting this quilt and so she came to see me. The Thermore makes this quilt extremely light and soft. This is the first time that I used Thermore on the long arm and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.