Customer Quilt

One of the things I enjoy most about quilting for others is the stories that go along with the quilts.

This quilt is owned by a self proclaimed non-quilter and non-sewer. The blocks were inherited from my customer’s step mother. My customer set the blocks together using a small floral print fabric that closely matches the time period that the blocks were made. The blocks were hand embroidered by friends and family of my customer’s stepmother. These blocks are old and only one or two people are still alive today that originally made these blocks. This quilt holds great sentimental significance to the owner. I was thrilled to have a part in preserving these memories.

This first picture shows the quilt from the back.

This quilt was quilted exclusively with Circle Lord templates: the heart, the wave, and tiles.

This quilt has Thermore for batting as the quilter was originally thinking of hand quilting this piece. She decided she did not have the time to commit to hand quilting this quilt and so she came to see me. The Thermore makes this quilt extremely light and soft. This is the first time that I used Thermore on the long arm and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

7 thoughts on “Customer Quilt

  1. Beautiful! What a treasure for your customer and how wonderful for you to know the story as well. Do suggest that your customer tries to put as much information on the label as she knows. Future generations might wonder ….

  2. This turned out so beautifully, Norma. I bet your customer is very pleased with the results. How wonderful that she shared the story behind it with you as it makes the quilt come to life as you work on it, I am guessing?

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