Double Four Patch – Complete

You have seen this quilt before in various stages of construction. Here it is again–this time complete. The last stitches were taken on the binding a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting for the rains to stop so that I could take this quilt’s formal shot outside–today was that day. The sun shone today, people were out of hibernation walking around the streets, and I could almost be convinced that Spring is really just around the corner!

I have been working less on my own quilts lately and more on customer quilts. The tally so far this year is 13 total quilts brought in for quilting–3 of which were mine. I have finished two of my quilts completely, the third is waiting for its binding to be sewn on. Of the 10 customer quilts that have come in this year, only 3 are waiting in the wings–one of those was received today.

I have also been working on the “less is more” lifestyle. Pam has been talking about reducing the clutter in her life and this seemed like as good a time as any to follow suit. We have been re-organizing, sorting, reducing, throwing away, donating, and refusing to introduce anything futher into this house that we don’t absolutely need. As my husband said today, “Sadly, despite all the stuff that we have gotten rid of lately, it is hard to tell the difference!” Although this statement seems very true right now, I believe that if we continue to soldier on, you will be able to see a difference when you enter this house. It may take a long while, but we will get there. Eventually we will be liberated from all this clutter!

Double Four Patch Progress

This week I finished putting the borders on my Double Four Patch quilt. Friday night I loaded this quilt on the long arm and I finished the quilting before supper Saturday night. I was still inspired and my energy levels were high so after supper last night I continued on and finished machine sewing the binding to the front of this quilt. I now only have the hand sewing of the binding to the back of the quilt to do.

The weather forecast is for cool days this week–temperatures below zero. This is perfect weather for stitching binding as you can enjoy the warmth of the quilt as it is draped over your lap while hand stitching. You know where

you can find me in the evenings this week!

Progress on Projects

Yesterday, I finished the center of the Double Four Patch quilt. I just need to add borders now and quilt it.

I also got out the shamrock / St. Patrick’s Day fabric that Pam sent me last year and made a couple of table runners. These need to be quilted as well.

Notice the socks of the quilt holder? She specifically asked to be “cropped out of the picture”. I couldn’t resist showing her feet since they matched the table runner!

Double Four Patch

This is a picture of the progress that I have made so far on my newest quilt. This photo represents the first three rows.

This quilt is a Double Four Patch which I am making following the directions provided by Mary on her blog page. Like Mary, I am making my quilt from a variety of greens and beiges.

Since it is Sunday, Judy L has us reporting in on how we are doing on our stash busting. As you already know, I made some substantial fabric purchases in the past week. I am comforted in the fact that I have plenty of company in our guild membership who did exactly the same thing that I did. At our guild meeting this past Wednesday, our President had us put up our hands if any of us had not taken advantage of the fabric sale at Liquidation World. I only saw one person put their hand up! In fact many of us have gone back several times! The beiges and many of the greens in the quilt that I am making are purchases from that fabric sale. Does it count towards adding to your stash if you purchase the fabric and within 24 hours have it laundered, ironed, and cut into strips for your quilt?

I am very pleased with how this quilt is turning out. I am sure that the success of this quilt lies in the variety of fabrics that I am using–something that I could not have accomplished with my stash in its condition before the sale purchases. My guilt has been relieved!

February Goals Met

I am happy to report that I have met my goals for February!

My first finish is my February bluework snowman. As you can see, he is currently blind and buttonless. I have discovered the most wonderful beads and so I have given up on the French knots. I will add the beads after the blocks are finished, assembled into the finished top and quilted. It is much easier to deal with embellishments after the quilting is finished.

I have not yet pressed this block because I am still looking for the perfect stain remover that will remove some stains near the snowman’s head (they don’t seem to show up in the picture, but believe me, they are there). I have been successful in fading the stains, but not in totally removing them. I have tried everything I can think of including rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, the Tide pen, the bleach pen, and some solvent based stain remover. Nothing wants to to totally remove the stains. I must be more careful on my next blocks to make sure I don’t end up with more mystery stains.

The second finish for February is my Double Four Patch quilt. The last stitches were taken on the binding tonight. I quilted this one with Circle Lord’s Zig Zag / Wave template.

I tried a new batting in this quilt by the Warm Company. The batting is an 80/20 blend and is so light and soft compared to Warm and Natural. It also shows off the quilting nicely. I am going to be using this batting again!