Double Four Patch

This is a picture of the progress that I have made so far on my newest quilt. This photo represents the first three rows.

This quilt is a Double Four Patch which I am making following the directions provided by Mary on her blog page. Like Mary, I am making my quilt from a variety of greens and beiges.

Since it is Sunday, Judy L has us reporting in on how we are doing on our stash busting. As you already know, I made some substantial fabric purchases in the past week. I am comforted in the fact that I have plenty of company in our guild membership who did exactly the same thing that I did. At our guild meeting this past Wednesday, our President had us put up our hands if any of us had not taken advantage of the fabric sale at Liquidation World. I only saw one person put their hand up! In fact many of us have gone back several times! The beiges and many of the greens in the quilt that I am making are purchases from that fabric sale. Does it count towards adding to your stash if you purchase the fabric and within 24 hours have it laundered, ironed, and cut into strips for your quilt?

I am very pleased with how this quilt is turning out. I am sure that the success of this quilt lies in the variety of fabrics that I am using–something that I could not have accomplished with my stash in its condition before the sale purchases. My guilt has been relieved!

11 thoughts on “Double Four Patch

  1. Oh Norma, this was not a good week for me either on stashbusting! Like you though I plan on making quilts with the fabric I bought this year (well 2008 I mean)
    some have been started and I needed more to finish them and I bought more cuase these fabrics are just hard to find 🙂
    Love the new quilt your working on , thats on my list too for 2008!

  2. Hey, it’s Christmas. Enjoy your fabrics and think of them as Christmas presents! It’s a good thing I don’t live near Liquidation World or my stash would be much enhanced. Or maybe it’s a bad thing. I am realizing that I’m short of yellows. Lol.

  3. Looking good there. Norma, I personally would say that anything put to such immediate use should not be called stash. I bet a certain percentage of your quilt WILL come from there but who is going to know that number in the scheme of things? You needed the new infusion of greens and beiges (or was it just the beiges?) to make this quilt as successfully–in all range of shades.

  4. My favorite thing about scrap quilts is combining NEW fabrics with OLD fabrics!!! I enjoy combining both groups of fabrics. For me, it is always a bit exciting to add new fabrics in combination with fabrics on hand because it helps me “date” a quilt, where I was living, where I bought a fabric, etc. Lovely new top you have in the making there!!!



  5. I’m with you – if you washed it, ironed and cut it up that fast it doesn’t count. You bought it for a current project. You bought it because you needed a bigger variety of green. And by the way – it’s looking fabulous!

  6. I love this quilt in green. In addition to the top I made that will be donated, Mom gave me the quilt she made using my instructions (also in greens).

    As far as the stash goes, I’m trying not to buy fabric that will just be added to the shelves but if I need something for a specific quilt then I’m going to buy it.

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