New Thimbles

Back on November 9 ( I posted about my thimble collection.
A loyal, but silent reader who is also a guild member read my post and shared the 16 thimbles in the above picture with me.
I am thrilled to add these thimbles to my collection. My DH is already thinking of designs for a new display to put on the wall beside the first one he made me.
Thank you!

4 thoughts on “New Thimbles

  1. These are lovely, Norma. How sweet of your friend to share with you. Yep, you will need bigger case for them.

    Enough playing for me–cranberry sauce to make and then that apple pie DJ wants.

  2. I, too, collect thimbles. I have them in an old hot type tray like they used to keep the lead hot type pieces from a newspaper room. It works very well. It was nice of your friend to gift you with the thimbles.

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