New Couch and Chair

Today I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of our new couch and chair.  We ordered this furniture during a Black Friday sale.  However, the purchase was considered custom as we picked our own fabrics so delivery was delayed for a couple of months while the furniture was built.

DSC_0579The chair is my husband’s Lazy Boy.  It is the couch that is new.  The fabric looks like it is striped but it isn’t in reality.  You have to love what a camera flash does to colour and texture!


This is my chair.  The chair reclines so that I can put my feet up.  I bet you can’t guess where I will be spending my evenings now!  You can see my project basket and sewing tools on the table beside the chair.2013_Nov24_Threadcatcher from LindaThis is the threadcatcher that LindaJ made for me for my birthday last year.  This is the perfect addition to my hand stitching area.  Thank you, LindaJ!


Early Birthday Gifts

My mom’s birthday isn’t until March 14.  However, I delivered her birthday presents to her when I visited Arizona earlier this month.  Postage to mail anything is expensive, let alone mailing something internationally.  Why wait and mail it when I could deliver it in person?

In the fall of 2011, my husband and I went on a tour to Utah and New Mexico with my parents.  When we were in the gift shop at Bryce Canyon, my mom and I spotted some cute fabric postcards that depicted the early days at Bryce Canyon.  We both bought a set.  I still have mine sitting in the plastic bag that they came in, but for my Mom’s birthday, I put her’s together into this wall hanging, “Trip to Bryce Canyon”.  I included photos of the four of us that were taken on the rim of Bryce Canyon on Sept 26, 2011 as part of the label on the back.

2014_Jan9_Trip to Bryce Canyon_Birthday Gift for Mom (3)A closeup of the blocks:

2014_Jan9_Trip to Bryce Canyon_Birthday Gift for Mom (1)



The second project that I finished for my Mom’s birthday was a toilet tank topper.  (Say that really fast a few times!  LOL)  When the two of us went on a quilt shop hop a couple of years ago, we found these kits to make the cutest little table runners.  The shop was selling them as toilet tank toppers and they work perfectly for that!2014_Jan_04_Toilet Tank Topper_Mom 4 2014_Jan_04_Toilet Tank Topper_Mom 3This time, I have my project finished too.  And because I have never shown it before, here is my toilet tank topper.

2014_Jan_04_Toilet Tank Topper_Norma 3These are cute little projects that make up in a day from a few scraps left from a larger project.  I have saved the pattern so that I can make some more of these in the future.




Why I Make Quilts

While enjoying my coffee this morning, I came across this video on the Internet:
This got me thinking about the question that I am often asked by others, “Do you sell your quilts?”  I then started looking at other bloggers’ posts regarding this subject.  I came across this post from another blogger:
The author was discussing the selling of quilts.  Usually when the subject of selling a quilt comes up in a conversation, the person asking me if I sell my quilts doesn’t have the faintest idea how much the materials to make a quilt cost, let alone the value of my time and skill in making a one of kind quilt.  Once you educate the person as to what the materials to make a quilt cost, the next comment you usually get is, “Wow, you should sell your quilts!”  Remember, this comment is coming from the same person that had no idea what a quilt was worth and quite likely was not prepared to give me what a quilt is worth let alone enough to cover the cost of the materials to make the quilt.  What makes this person think that someone else would give me the kind of money that they aren’t prepared to give me?  So you see, I can totally agree with the author of the article, “I would rather give a quilt away than sell it for a price that offends me.”
I then came across another post:
This blog writer has calculated the cost of a quilt–up to $19,260.  Now obviously no one will pay you that kind of money for one of your quilts.  Does this mean that the quilts we make as quilters do not have worth?  On the contrary.  The author states that, “We who quilt all have worth. When we are motivated by showing love, concern and comfort to others, what does it cost? Our talents are gifts and we make treasures. Made with love and consideration…. OUR QUILTS ARE PRICELESS!! Not enough money in the entire world can buy a quilt of THAT kind. QUILTERS DO HAVE WORTH!”
So why do I quilt?  It obviously isn’t for the money because I am not selling my quilts.  I quilt for the pleasure and relaxation it brings me personally and the opportunity to explore and develop my creative side, but also for those special moments when my quilts can touch and impact the lives of others that I love and care for.  This year, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with inoperable cancer on June 27.  He was given 2 weeks to a couple of months to live.  When I heard the news, I immediately went to my stack of finished quilts and with the assistance of my husband, we picked out a quilt that we tought would be suitable for sharing with my brother-in-law.  After delivering the quilt to my brother-in-law, I received this e-mail from my sister-in-law:

Rick wants to say ‘Thank You’ for the quilt. His exact words were, “That was nice of her to do.” It hasn’t left the couch since you gave it to him but he did have to fold it down for a while because he was actually warm, and that hasn’t happened in a long time.

It is words like this that bring tears to my eyes and remind me of why I truly continue to make quilts.  I make quilts to touch lives.

Rick passed away September 2, 2012. Rest in peace, Rick.  You were loved and will be missed.

Made with love

And blessed with prayer

Especially for you

From someone who cares. 

Line Art / Skinny Strips and a House Warming

Tonight was the housewarming party for our daughter and her fiance.  They took possession of their new house on September 1, 2011.
My daughter had expressed interest in my Line Art / Skinny Strips flimsy when it was on the design wall so I quilted it up and presented it to them as a housewarming gift.
This was the quilt that we worked on in August during Linda’s PAR-TAY.

New Thimbles

Back on November 9 ( I posted about my thimble collection.
A loyal, but silent reader who is also a guild member read my post and shared the 16 thimbles in the above picture with me.
I am thrilled to add these thimbles to my collection. My DH is already thinking of designs for a new display to put on the wall beside the first one he made me.
Thank you!