Early Birthday Gifts

My mom’s birthday isn’t until March 14.  However, I delivered her birthday presents to her when I visited Arizona earlier this month.  Postage to mail anything is expensive, let alone mailing something internationally.  Why wait and mail it when I could deliver it in person?

In the fall of 2011, my husband and I went on a tour to Utah and New Mexico with my parents.  When we were in the gift shop at Bryce Canyon, my mom and I spotted some cute fabric postcards that depicted the early days at Bryce Canyon.  We both bought a set.  I still have mine sitting in the plastic bag that they came in, but for my Mom’s birthday, I put her’s together into this wall hanging, “Trip to Bryce Canyon”.  I included photos of the four of us that were taken on the rim of Bryce Canyon on Sept 26, 2011 as part of the label on the back.

2014_Jan9_Trip to Bryce Canyon_Birthday Gift for Mom (3)A closeup of the blocks:

2014_Jan9_Trip to Bryce Canyon_Birthday Gift for Mom (1)



The second project that I finished for my Mom’s birthday was a toilet tank topper.  (Say that really fast a few times!  LOL)  When the two of us went on a quilt shop hop a couple of years ago, we found these kits to make the cutest little table runners.  The shop was selling them as toilet tank toppers and they work perfectly for that!2014_Jan_04_Toilet Tank Topper_Mom 4 2014_Jan_04_Toilet Tank Topper_Mom 3This time, I have my project finished too.  And because I have never shown it before, here is my toilet tank topper.

2014_Jan_04_Toilet Tank Topper_Norma 3These are cute little projects that make up in a day from a few scraps left from a larger project.  I have saved the pattern so that I can make some more of these in the future.