Double Four Patch Progress

This week I finished putting the borders on my Double Four Patch quilt. Friday night I loaded this quilt on the long arm and I finished the quilting before supper Saturday night. I was still inspired and my energy levels were high so after supper last night I continued on and finished machine sewing the binding to the front of this quilt. I now only have the hand sewing of the binding to the back of the quilt to do.

The weather forecast is for cool days this week–temperatures below zero. This is perfect weather for stitching binding as you can enjoy the warmth of the quilt as it is draped over your lap while hand stitching. You know where

you can find me in the evenings this week!

15 thoughts on “Double Four Patch Progress

  1. And it is in your favorite new neutral color, to boot! Well done, Norma. Now you have some binding to do when it is too cool to quilt or you have a small group meeting.

    I had to wonder, for a moment, in the previous post why you called it “Mexico Strings” when I know we call it Chinese Coins in that arrangement BUT of course, that name is perfect for it.

    I’ll be joining you to help Pam out.

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