First Finish for 2008

This is my first quilted finish for 2008–Mexico Strings. I quilted this quilt on New Year’s Day and put the last hand stitch in the binding on January 9.

This quilt finished 47 1/4″ x 62 1/4″ and will be making its way to Pam for her Quilts For Mexico project. Pam will be taking the donated quilts to an orphanage in Mexico later this year. I encourage you to make a quilt and donate it to Pam’s project to help her reach her goal of 200 quilts!

The blocks for this quilt were foundation pieced onto used color catcher sheets. Once the sheets are covered with strings, I trimmed the blocks to 4″ x 9″. The sashing is cut 2″ x 9″ and cornerstones are 2″ square. The outer green border is cut 6″ wide–no special reason other than that is the width of my ruler (6″) so strips are easy to cut.

4 thoughts on “First Finish for 2008

  1. I saw Pam’s photos from last year – those kids looked soooo happy with their quilts! It is a wonderful quilt and I just know that it will be much loved!

    I had to laugh because you cut your borders the same size as I do – for the very exact same reason!



  2. I love your quilts – the double 4 patch is very clever – simple but stunning. What’s the difference between a color catcher quilt and a dryer sheet quilt?? I’ve seen the terms on many blogs but don’t know the difference. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Judy from Michigan

  3. Norma!! Thank you so much! I have admired this quilt as you posted pictures along the way~~the green has inspired me to keep my eyes open for something like it.

    I can totally see a little one snuggled up in this quilt…thank you for your generosity!!

    I really like the fact that using up your Color Catchers keeps them out of the landfills~it goes along with my “Less is More” lifestyle.


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