Bring on Spring!

This was the only fabric that I purchased in the last week. I bought one meter of this fried egg fabric called, “Sunny Side Up” by Susan Pisoni for Fabri-Quilt, Inc. The fabric store that I purchased this fabric from did not have the rest of the coordinated fabric in the line, just this one print. This is a fabric that I noticed once before when I was in the shop and did not make a purchase at that time. When I was in the shop on Friday night, they had just 3 meters of this wonderful fabric left. It is a good thing I didn’t wait any longer. This fabric coordinates perfectly with my chicken collection and I am sure I can use it in a wall hanging for the kitchen or a table runner for the dining room table.

On Saturday, it was a very grey and rainy day here. I am fed up with winter, snow, and rain. Bring on Spring! My daughter and I decided that we needed something that would remind us of Spring so we headed out to the local greenhouse. We found these pink and purple coloured cyclamens and the bright red pot that reminded us of Valentine’s day. This would do the trick so we brought them home. As you can see, today (Sunday), the sun came out for a while and is streaming in the windows as I took this picture.

I also purchased a new pattern on Friday while at the quilt shop. This pattern is called, Spirals and is by a Canadian designer that manufactures her patterns under the name, “Designs to Share With You”. The table runners I have been making are from the same designer. Her patterns are fairly easy to understand and follow. There was only one step that was a bit confusing in this pattern, but I soon figured out what she meant and was well on my way.

Since I was still in the Spring mode, I shopped my stash for this bright tulip fabric. Perfect for Spring! I made one table topper with just two “rounds” of strips using green as the accent colour. This was my son’s favorite.

I made a second table topper with three “rounds” of fabric using purple as the accent colour. This was my daughter’s favorite.

While I did buy fabric this week, I did bust stash in that I shopped my stash for the fabric for these projects. I also used up some of my bits of leftover batting to quilt these. Both table toppers are quilted and ready for binding. I won’t be putting the binding on these until I purchase some Elmer’s school glue. If you are curious what I am talking about, check out You Tube and look for Sharon Schamber’s recent three part video on binding. She has some wonderful tips–one of which is using Elmer’s school glue instead of pins.

After purchasing bright colourful flowers and working with bright floral fabrics, I feel like spring has to be nearby. At least it was spring in our house this weekend!

16 thoughts on “Bring on Spring!

  1. The egg fabric is just a hoot. Have fun with it and I look forward to see what becomes of the eggs. I like the spirals. They are so bright and cheery. You certainly could make a neat quilt out of that block.

  2. Hang in there Norma – the days are getting longer! Great spring-y projects you have on the go – almost looks like a Fly Foot version. If you have any left over egg fabric – it would make a cute apron pocket, LOL!



  3. That egg fabric is a crack up (no pun *s*) When I first saw it, I thought egg – then figured it had to be a flower until I read the post. My eyes did not deceive.

  4. The tulip fabric is lovely – perfect for spring! There’s just something about purple and yellow together that I love – and I’m not a purple thing. Maybe it’s that Washington Husky blood that runs in my veins LOL! Anyway – the fried egg fabric is a hoot – except I saw funky white flowers when I first glanced at it LOL!

  5. Oh yes definitely – roll on Spring! I’m tired of these overcast and dreary days. I guess I should be thankful that the temperatures have been really mild lately.

    The table toppers are lovely – I like the green one. Very nice indeed.

  6. Sunny Side Up….what a scream! Can’t wait to see what wonderful idea you come up with for this, and yes…it will go great with a chicken collection, actually…what chicken collection would be complete without it?

    Just before Christmas we purchased new coffee and end tables and I have been scoping out various table runners and mats to make. I am awaiting a shipment from with some Moda ~ should be here today. I love table toppers, mats and runners…and your springy ones are so bright and pretty. I’m with you DOWN with Winter, bring on the SPRING!!


  7. Really I am surprised that you left the Sunny Side fabric at the quilt shop the first time as it seems like a natural for your chicken collection. Thanks heavens, they still had a bit of it left on your return then as you would be kicking yourself!

    The plant DOES look like Valentine’s Day with the pink and red theme. Spring definitely at your house. If I were to go by what I working on this weekend, I would be reverting back to fall with those leaf blocks. Either is better than winter, any day. Just plain tired of being cold.

    I already told you I’m with Dana but both table toppers turned out well. I bet if you made it with green on one side and purple on the other the kids would keep flopping it over to their favorite side when the other wasnt looking, LOL.

  8. Hi Norma: ‘Round about now the shine has worn off winter weather, but the days are definitely getting longer and there is a little light in the mornings too – love the cyclamens. I have managed to bring a kalanchoe through the winter and pruned it enough to encourage it to bloom, so that’s nice these dreary days.
    Love the bright tabletoppers.
    Janet in coastal Nova Scotia where it’s snowing again

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