Project Progress

This is the progress on my projects since New Year’s Day.

1. I have pieced another 17 color catcher string blocks. They still need to be trimmed, but that is a job I will leave till an evening in front of the TV. This is an ongoing project. As I have color catchers and strings of fabric, I continue to make these and store them in a box. When I have enough to make a quilt, I sit down and piece the top. I will never run out of string blocks, nor will this project ever end.

2. This is the color catcher string quilt that I quilted on New Year’s Day. It now has a binding machine sewn to the front. All this quilt needs is the hand work to fasten the binding to the back of the quilt. I will be taking this project with me to work on at my Monday night quilt group.

3. This is my dryer string diamond quilt. I finished this quilt to the flimsy stage back on May 27, 2007. It was time it was quilted! I quilted it using the Baptist Fan template. This one just needs the binding now.

4. This is my Christmas Patience Corners quilt. I worked on adding blocks to this one in the last couple of days. Currently this top is 73″ wide. I bought some backing on Friday (from the last of the bolts left from Liquidation World’s sale) that was 108″ wide. I think I will make this quilt as wide as I can to make maximum use of the backing. That means I will likely need to add another 1 1/2 blocks (if you count a group of four squares as a block) to the width of this quilt for a total of 7 1/2 blocks in width. I started this quilt top back in December 2006.

This is a picture of the wide fabric that I bought for the back of my Patience Corner quilt. It is bright and wild. Those flowers are at least 10″ across. I think I mentioned before that bright green is my new favorite colour!

17 thoughts on “Project Progress

  1. I love what you’ve been working on Norma – and you’re right, there is plenty of evidence in your post that green is your favourite colour!

  2. I see lots and lots of green, LOL. Slightly different shades but green, nonetheless–the new neutral?

    You had a prolific 3rd day weekend!

    I love how your patience corner is turning out–looks like you are using white frames? I can go either way when the squares come or get started with some that are already here? Think the cream would work?

    Oh, and happy blogiversary–Pam says ours is coming up Feb 6th. I lost my first one but we started at the same time, after Cher set hers up.

  3. love the quilts Norma! you have been busy!

    i heard that the sale at Liquidation World is still going strong, i’m heading over tomorrow to find some deals of my own lol!

  4. I love your quilts. I have been thinking about making a string quilt for some time (lots of scraps to use up). Do you use an old sheet to sew the strips onto? I recently started blogging. Please check out my blog.

  5. Is the color catcher pattern one that you made up or is it a commercial pattern? What size are the rectangles? I love it! We would use the pattern for our guild’s “Comfort the Children” quilts. Thank You.

    Judy in Michigan

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