Is Spring Finally Here?

This is the weather that we woke up to on the morning of April 1st. Yes, that is snow! Although it was April Fool’s Day, this was no joke! They mentioned on the TV news that we have had 5 months in a row where we have had snow. This is very unusual weather for this part of the country. We are tired of snow! By Saturday (April 4) the weather had improved significantly. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures in the afternoon.

This is the view that my DD has when she is at work.

The red strip in the foreground in this picture is a cranberry field. There are no cranberries at this time of year.

A pasture just a little farther down the same road. This is the view I have when driving home from work each day.

Look on the ground at the base of these trees.

This is where I found the most beautiful and delicate little blue flowers.

And at the base of another tree…..

Crocuses–a sure sign of spring.

There are no signs of spring in my yard so I headed to the greenhouse to fix that.

We have had nice warm weather with no sign of snow since Friday. Let’s hope that Spring decides to stay and the cold weather and snow is gone till winter!

Tulips in the Valley

One of the sure signs that Spring has arrived is seeing this field of tulips in full bloom.

This year, the tulips are blooming at least 3 weeks behind when they bloomed last year.

Spring has definitely taken its timing arriving in this neck of the woods!

And sadly, this spectacular field of colour is over too soon and we see this:

Looking For Spring

After stitching with the FABs this morning, I headed out to the tulip fields–today is the first day of the local Tulip Festival.

It may be 20 degrees out, but we are still within winter’s grasp as there are no tulips in bloom yet. The owner of the fields told me that by next weekend there would be “some” colour and hopefully within two weeks the fields will be in full bloom. However, he added that it might be longer as there is snow in the forecast for next Thursday!

On the way home, I stopped to take pictures of Mt. Cheam. It is a gorgeous mountain that overlooks our small town. No matter where you are in town, you can get a view of Mt. Cheam.

I managed to find this small plot of daffodils–the only sign that Spring can’t be far off!

Bring on Spring!

This was the only fabric that I purchased in the last week. I bought one meter of this fried egg fabric called, “Sunny Side Up” by Susan Pisoni for Fabri-Quilt, Inc. The fabric store that I purchased this fabric from did not have the rest of the coordinated fabric in the line, just this one print. This is a fabric that I noticed once before when I was in the shop and did not make a purchase at that time. When I was in the shop on Friday night, they had just 3 meters of this wonderful fabric left. It is a good thing I didn’t wait any longer. This fabric coordinates perfectly with my chicken collection and I am sure I can use it in a wall hanging for the kitchen or a table runner for the dining room table.

On Saturday, it was a very grey and rainy day here. I am fed up with winter, snow, and rain. Bring on Spring! My daughter and I decided that we needed something that would remind us of Spring so we headed out to the local greenhouse. We found these pink and purple coloured cyclamens and the bright red pot that reminded us of Valentine’s day. This would do the trick so we brought them home. As you can see, today (Sunday), the sun came out for a while and is streaming in the windows as I took this picture.

I also purchased a new pattern on Friday while at the quilt shop. This pattern is called, Spirals and is by a Canadian designer that manufactures her patterns under the name, “Designs to Share With You”. The table runners I have been making are from the same designer. Her patterns are fairly easy to understand and follow. There was only one step that was a bit confusing in this pattern, but I soon figured out what she meant and was well on my way.

Since I was still in the Spring mode, I shopped my stash for this bright tulip fabric. Perfect for Spring! I made one table topper with just two “rounds” of strips using green as the accent colour. This was my son’s favorite.

I made a second table topper with three “rounds” of fabric using purple as the accent colour. This was my daughter’s favorite.

While I did buy fabric this week, I did bust stash in that I shopped my stash for the fabric for these projects. I also used up some of my bits of leftover batting to quilt these. Both table toppers are quilted and ready for binding. I won’t be putting the binding on these until I purchase some Elmer’s school glue. If you are curious what I am talking about, check out You Tube and look for Sharon Schamber’s recent three part video on binding. She has some wonderful tips–one of which is using Elmer’s school glue instead of pins.

After purchasing bright colourful flowers and working with bright floral fabrics, I feel like spring has to be nearby. At least it was spring in our house this weekend!