Is Spring Finally Here?

This is the weather that we woke up to on the morning of April 1st. Yes, that is snow! Although it was April Fool’s Day, this was no joke! They mentioned on the TV news that we have had 5 months in a row where we have had snow. This is very unusual weather for this part of the country. We are tired of snow! By Saturday (April 4) the weather had improved significantly. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures in the afternoon.

This is the view that my DD has when she is at work.

The red strip in the foreground in this picture is a cranberry field. There are no cranberries at this time of year.

A pasture just a little farther down the same road. This is the view I have when driving home from work each day.

Look on the ground at the base of these trees.

This is where I found the most beautiful and delicate little blue flowers.

And at the base of another tree…..

Crocuses–a sure sign of spring.

There are no signs of spring in my yard so I headed to the greenhouse to fix that.

We have had nice warm weather with no sign of snow since Friday. Let’s hope that Spring decides to stay and the cold weather and snow is gone till winter!

3 thoughts on “Is Spring Finally Here?

  1. I agree – we’ve had way too much snow around here this winter. I’ve enjoyed the last few warm days but it looks like we are losing the warm temperatures – at least we aren’t getting the snow.

    Maybe next year I’ll try and make it up to the Sewing and Crafts show – I like the smaller shows better than those big ones down near Seattle.

  2. Now the flower pictures look more like it, Norma! That snow and cold can just knock it off till winter or late fall rolls round. I am ready to see those glorious tulips in bloom.

    Lucky Dana with that gorgeous view of the mountain ahead of her and lucky you with the views you see all around.

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