More Snow

The snow we received earlier in the week had melted before today.

It snowed a bit last night and then started again this morning. The snow has not stopped accumulating since this morning.

Yes, the snow is pretty. However, it is very hazardous to drive in. For that reason I do not appreciate the snow.

I made sure that I did all my errands and grocery shopping on Friday so I would not have to venture out in this stuff once it came.

We heard on the news a couple of nights ago that this winter is forecast to break records for cold temperatures. I just hope it also does not break records for snow fall!

Back Yard Renovation

Today is a statutory holiday here in B.C.–it is British Columbia Day. I did the machine quilting on the binding for my Frog Warm Wishes quilt yesterday. Today I will be enjoying the pleasant weather as I sit outside and do the hand stitching of the binding to the back of the quilt.

The real news this weekend was finishing our outdoor patio area in our back yard. We now have plenty of room to have everyone sit around the table in the cool shade of our maple tree.

And of course, DH has discovered that this is also a quiet spot to read the morning paper!

This is our little oasis. We don’t need a reservation and there are no line ups. This is our little piece of heaven.