More Snow

The snow we received earlier in the week had melted before today.

It snowed a bit last night and then started again this morning. The snow has not stopped accumulating since this morning.

Yes, the snow is pretty. However, it is very hazardous to drive in. For that reason I do not appreciate the snow.

I made sure that I did all my errands and grocery shopping on Friday so I would not have to venture out in this stuff once it came.

We heard on the news a couple of nights ago that this winter is forecast to break records for cold temperatures. I just hope it also does not break records for snow fall!

9 thoughts on “More Snow

  1. Looks like everyone in Canada got hit with some sort of winter storm weather this weekend. I saw that “cold winter” prediction article as well – longer more intense storms …. oh no!!! We’re hovering around freezing this morning – after our Saturday snowfall we got a LOT of rain last night and of course you know what that means! Yes, the roads and sidewalks are treacherous this morning. I am so glad I don’t need to go anywhere today …. I’ll be sewing up a storm!

  2. Good day to stay inside, I would say. This looks pretty fresh too in the pictures–little tracking through the streets. I love seeing the views all around the house–what you see when you look out. BUT I dont want any of that white stuff at my house–heavy frost colored is enough for me, LOL.

  3. What beautiful winter wonderland photos you shared with us!!! Reminds me of growing up and peeking out the windows to see if school would be closed. 🙂 Too bad I’m too far South now and will never see my own home covered in snow. ~Bonnie in Texas

  4. How pretty! If you get too muchof this stuff send it my way – I’d love to see some (just like Pam!) Especially now when I won’t have to drive in it – only 5 more working days after today until retirement!

  5. The white and peacefulness of snow seems to allow…calm and private times…to sew..’
    Like bread baking, with the rising of yeast and kneadomg of dough…
    The creativity and inspiration just seems to flow..
    Your quilts show all that, the colors and designs just grow…
    It is a pleasure to view all this, I wanted you to know….
    Thank you from…down below (in NYS)where…yes, the snow continues to fall and blow…..

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