Customer Quilt – Uneven Nine Patch Quilt

This is a customer quilt that I recently finished. I am always on the lookout for quilt designs that can be converted quickly into interesting quilts. It seems these days that the time I have available to work on my own quilts is less and less. I don’t have the time to devote to those heirloom quilts right now. There are many bloggers out there making donation quilts for one of the many needy organizations and so I thought you might enjoy looking at another idea.

This Uneven Nine Patch or Puss in the Corner block is very simple construction–5 1/2″ square center, surrounded by 2″ squares and 2″ strips for a finished size of 9 1/2″. (Please note that measurements are finished sizes, not cut sizes.)

This quilter set the blocks together with 2″ sashing strips and cornerstones and finished the quilt off with a 2″ inner border and a 5″ outer border.

The fabrics in this quilt definitely add interest to an other wise simple quilt block, but the formula works.

Customer Quilt

This was today’s finish–a quilt for a customer. This quilt is quilted with 105 concentric circles and 56 part circles with the wave on the border. This quilt has taken me a little longer than the average customer quilt as each circle has a start and stop. It took a day and a half just to tie off the threads and then bury and clip the ends.

Some quilters like to back stitch and then just clip. I prefer the look of no back stitching, tying off by hand and burying the threads in the batting like the hand quilters do. It takes me longer, but I prefer the look.

New Swirls Template

Last week I received my newest Circle Lord Template, “Swirls” for my long arm.

This is a customer quilt that I just finished using that template. Isn’t a wonderful design!

This quilt does not have a quilt bat. Rather, the customer brought me a wool blanket (that had been washed several times) to use as batting. Even though the blanket has virtually no loft, the design of the quilting still shows.

I can see lots of quilts using this template in my future!