New Swirls Template

Last week I received my newest Circle Lord Template, “Swirls” for my long arm.

This is a customer quilt that I just finished using that template. Isn’t a wonderful design!

This quilt does not have a quilt bat. Rather, the customer brought me a wool blanket (that had been washed several times) to use as batting. Even though the blanket has virtually no loft, the design of the quilting still shows.

I can see lots of quilts using this template in my future!

24 thoughts on “New Swirls Template

  1. This one may be more work for you but wow, does it look wonderful. The quilting is really defined especially in the wide outer border. I bet your customer will be thrilled with the results, Norma!

    Good for you getting another one finished up with the time concerns you are working under.

  2. The swirls are really great – I like ’em a lot *s* I wonder if the old wool blanket was a special one to the owner? The quilt will certainly be a cozy one *s*

  3. I love it! I can’t figure out from the photo how wide the pattern is – I’m wondering if it will fit my Premier – I have about 13 inches of quilting space. My sister and I are going to MQS and I’d already decided I’d look at it when I was there.

  4. I like those swirls! I have a longarm but no Circle Lord, but I do have a Hartley Fence, just haven’t learned to use it yet. The quilt pictured looks wonderful.

  5. I really like the swirls- I’m thinking that this might just be THE pattern for the purple quilt that I was hoping you will be able to quilt in the fall.

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