From Jackie’s Art Quilts’ blog page:

The Scoop:

Create a 12” x 12” modern quilt complete with your choice of binding.

Think modern when designing your quilt, ie. minimalism, negative space, and use of colour, to name a few design concepts.

Must be completed by August 15th. All participants will be able to upload their project from July 15th until August 15th at Jackie’s Art Quilts blog (here).

Judging will take place and winners will be announced August 20th. Open to anyone.

This is my entry in the #ModernSummerQuilt challenge.

Not Every Cirlce is Round_Terry Aske Circle Workshop_July 15, 2018 (1)The pieces of this quilt were constructed in a Terry Aske Circles, Circles, Circles workshop that our guild held on March 22, 2018.  Although Terry taught us the technique, the design is my own.  When I brought the four quarters of the block home from the workshop I almost discarded them as they sure didn’t look like much.  Once I gave them a good press and trimmed up the edges, I could see the potential and when Jackie announced the challenge, I was inspired to finish the piece into a 12 in square miniature quilt.



Customer Quilt

This was today’s finish–a quilt for a customer. This quilt is quilted with 105 concentric circles and 56 part circles with the wave on the border. This quilt has taken me a little longer than the average customer quilt as each circle has a start and stop. It took a day and a half just to tie off the threads and then bury and clip the ends.

Some quilters like to back stitch and then just clip. I prefer the look of no back stitching, tying off by hand and burying the threads in the batting like the hand quilters do. It takes me longer, but I prefer the look.