Customer Quilt – Uneven Nine Patch Quilt

This is a customer quilt that I recently finished. I am always on the lookout for quilt designs that can be converted quickly into interesting quilts. It seems these days that the time I have available to work on my own quilts is less and less. I don’t have the time to devote to those heirloom quilts right now. There are many bloggers out there making donation quilts for one of the many needy organizations and so I thought you might enjoy looking at another idea.

This Uneven Nine Patch or Puss in the Corner block is very simple construction–5 1/2″ square center, surrounded by 2″ squares and 2″ strips for a finished size of 9 1/2″. (Please note that measurements are finished sizes, not cut sizes.)

This quilter set the blocks together with 2″ sashing strips and cornerstones and finished the quilt off with a 2″ inner border and a 5″ outer border.

The fabrics in this quilt definitely add interest to an other wise simple quilt block, but the formula works.

8 thoughts on “Customer Quilt – Uneven Nine Patch Quilt

  1. Thanks for posting the idea for donation quilts! I love it. I am always looking for simple patterns that can go together quickly. I will definitely use this idea for our Quilts in Force.

  2. It’s such a cute quilt Norma. I love the feature fabric in the middle of the blocks, it’s really sweet. And the quilting really takes it to another level!

  3. What a cute, cute quilt, Norma! I love the color combination! It really does give that simple block some real pazzaz. :> Thanks bunches for sharing it with us.

  4. This uneven nine patch or Puss in the Corber in my books is one of my favorite quilts. I like it when you alternate the lights and darks in the corners and they make their own little four patches at the joins if you set them block to block.

    The red is a perfect spark in the quilt and the quilting looks terrific–the wave template from Circle Lord, right?

  5. I think it is a pattern that can look so differently depending upon the fabric you use!

    Even though right now I am busier than ever, I seem to be more and more interested in making quilts with little tiny pieces. It is slow work and doesn’t really bust the stash, but… I enjoy doing it.

    Don’t give up on making the quilts that you love to make Norma, even if you are busy. You do lovely work!!!



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