Garage Sale Find

Saturday morning we headed out to check out a few garage sales. We don’t really need anything in particular, but it is fun to do. You just never know when you come across that perfect something!

For a while we seemed to be on the same schedule as a truck with three men in it. They would arrive at a yard sale just before us or just after us. My husband thought they had probably left their wives at the mall and they were making their own entertainment–killing time while the wives shopped. We parted ways at a garage sale where they were looking and seemed very interested in a 6 ft high, 15 ft long Santa and reindeer Christmas yard display. When we left them I was chuckling–that will be the last time those wives leave those men alone garage sailing! I would love to have been there when they pulled up to the mall to pick up their wives with that huge yard display in the bed of that pickup!

I came across the garage sale of a quilter. Look at the fabric I found! All of the fabrics are brights–perfect for a kid’s quilt–perfect for a donation quilt. I just need to find some time now to work on a quilt!

5 thoughts on “Garage Sale Find

  1. How could she (he?) have parted with those beauties? Well, a sale for them and some cool fabrics for you! Way perfect for a kids donation quilts, Norma.

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