Christmas Bargello

Another quilt finish! I took the last few stitches in the binding on this one just before I had to leave to deliver this quilt to the quilt show for this weekend’s quilt show.

My quilt was inspired by a pattern on Bonnie Hunter’s website called, Scrappy Bargello.

My version of this quilt continues the same fabric across the quilt from left to right, unlike Bonnie’s scrappier version where the fabric choices change for each block across the quilt. Since my quilt is made from Christmas fabrics, I am calling my version Christmas Bargello.

I started this quilt on Feb 3, 2008 – Super Bowl weekend. I joined my good friend Linda that weekend in making this quilt. Several other quilters on the Internet were making the same quilt and we started calling the event, Bargellobowl.

Linda and I finished our quilts to the flimsy stage early this year and I quilted mine on March 15 and Linda’s on March 22. Linda was faster to finish off her binding. I guess I needed a deadline like the show to prompt me to finish off the last few feet of binding.

Bargello Progress Report

This is just intended to be a quick post to update you on my Bargello quilt progress.

I have now completed the fourth strata. I actually finished to this point on Sunday but I have not had a chance to post to my blog since–it has been a busy week!

LindaJ and I have been working on this project together for the past two weekends. By LindaJ’s recent posts, it looks like we are on again for this weekend! It is so much easier to stay on task when someone is working along side of you! We have had so much fun working on quilts this way, we are planning more.

I know we both want to work on our Christmas Patience Corners quilts. My quilt was started some time ago (Inspired by FINN), and LindaJ wants to start one for herself. If we keep each other on task like we have with this Bargello quilt, we will have them finished in no time at all! Hop on over to LindaJ’s blog HERE, say hi, and cheer her on! Neither one of us wants this project to end up on the UFO pile!

Bargello Progress

This is the progress on my Bargello Quilt–2 stratas complete. My third and fourth stratas are still sitting in the 2 1/2″ strip stage–no piecing completed on them yet.
Notice that my two stratas are a total of 13 strips wide, not 12 as suggested in Bonnie Hunter’s pattern.
Because I am continuing with the same fabrics across the quilt and not making my quilt in the random scrappy pattern suggested by Bonnie, I wanted to avoid two identical squares appearing side by side as would happen if I put together two stratas of only 6 strips each. By adding a strip of squares between the two stratas and offsetting the squares in this strip, I have completed the “point” of my zig zag pattern.
Further work on this quilt top will have to wait until the weekend.

Bargellobowl ’08

Today was Superbowl Sunday. We aren’t NFL fans in this house so the game was not on here. However, after LindaJ suggested that we take this Sunday to play along with the many bloggers that were quilting on Superbowl Sunday and making Bonnie’s Scrappy Bargello quilt, I was in.

LindaJ and I spent a couple of evenings during the week chatting on line about the pattern, what fabrics to use, what size to make the quilt, etc. We both fell in love with a couple of versions of Bonnie’s pattern that were completed in Christmas fabrics by KarenO and by Marcy Brower. LindaJ and I definitely like the idea of using the same fabric right across the quilt so that the “wave effect” is prominant.

When I looked in my Christmas fabric bin, I found a stack of strips already cut to 2 1/2″ wide. I am not sure why I originally cut these fabrics but since they were already cut and waiting, I decided to put them to use. I needed to add a few more greens and reds to ensure that my quilt looked like a Christmas quilt and I was ready to go this morning.

LindaJ decided to make her version in scrappy fabrics. Since LindaJ intends to keep this quilt for herself (rare since she donates most of what she makes to charity), she has included fabrics received from on-line friends.

We had a family dinner to attend tonight at my SIL’s so I had to stop working on this quilt about 3:00 in the afternoon. At that time I had completed the first strata and I had three seams to sew to complete the second strata. A good start to this project.

This is a picture of the first strata.

It is always great to sew along side a quilting friend — even if that friend is in cyberspace — so you have someone to check with when directions are unclear. Thanks for the assistance with the pressing directions, LindaJ! I know from previous projects that if the seams aren’t pressed the correct direction in the first place you can create a lot of extra work and frustration later on in the project. Hopefully, we can complete our tops together next weekend if we can get all the other obligations in our life organized and out of the way!