Bargello Progress

This is the progress on my Bargello Quilt–2 stratas complete. My third and fourth stratas are still sitting in the 2 1/2″ strip stage–no piecing completed on them yet.
Notice that my two stratas are a total of 13 strips wide, not 12 as suggested in Bonnie Hunter’s pattern.
Because I am continuing with the same fabrics across the quilt and not making my quilt in the random scrappy pattern suggested by Bonnie, I wanted to avoid two identical squares appearing side by side as would happen if I put together two stratas of only 6 strips each. By adding a strip of squares between the two stratas and offsetting the squares in this strip, I have completed the “point” of my zig zag pattern.
Further work on this quilt top will have to wait until the weekend.

9 thoughts on “Bargello Progress

  1. I really like your quilt and the idea of using all the same fabrics.
    can’t wait to see your progress on this quilt.
    Not sure I get how to do this!
    Do you have any idea how much fabric it will take to make it this way?
    how big will your quilt be?

  2. I am lovin’ this, Norma! The zigzag effect is more predominant with the same strip across, or if short fabric, something very near it in coloration. I know you were not so sure about the blues in there but they add a lot to the quilt. Lighter strips in some cases and a contrast to all the red and green associated with Christmas. See, those strips were cut and it was meant to be.

    Good that you figured out about needing another strip at the crest of the “zig” up before starting the downward descent. I don’t know that I would have caught that or at least, not right away!

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