Bargello Progress Report

This is just intended to be a quick post to update you on my Bargello quilt progress.

I have now completed the fourth strata. I actually finished to this point on Sunday but I have not had a chance to post to my blog since–it has been a busy week!

LindaJ and I have been working on this project together for the past two weekends. By LindaJ’s recent posts, it looks like we are on again for this weekend! It is so much easier to stay on task when someone is working along side of you! We have had so much fun working on quilts this way, we are planning more.

I know we both want to work on our Christmas Patience Corners quilts. My quilt was started some time ago (Inspired by FINN), and LindaJ wants to start one for herself. If we keep each other on task like we have with this Bargello quilt, we will have them finished in no time at all! Hop on over to LindaJ’s blog HERE, say hi, and cheer her on! Neither one of us wants this project to end up on the UFO pile!

7 thoughts on “Bargello Progress Report

  1. I am loving the way it looks with the sam color all the way across though don’t get me wrong, the scrappy looks okay too. I’ll be back at mine come Saturday. Hopefully I’ll be back to t-shirt tomorrow–lagging behind on the hearts I wanted to get done today but that is the way it goes with two plus hours out for other things.

  2. I love how your bargello turned out and how you carried the zig-zags all the way across with the same fabrics. And I like seeing it done up with some prints because I hardly have any solids so wondered what it would look like with the prints.

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