Colour Catcher String Quilt

First, these are some pictures of our backyard.  My plant pots are visible from my kitchen window.

I think of this area as my little sanctuary.

We have been enjoying the feathered visitors to our yard as well.

This weekend was a long weekend for me (I was off from work Friday to Monday).  While North and South played on the laptop, I sewed.  It seamed appropriate that I was watching North and South–a made-for-TV miniseries about the Civil War during the July 4th (American Independence Day) long weekend.

The center of these blocks are colour catcher string blocks.  I pieced my string blocks on used colour catcher foundations. 

My friend, started to call this quilt a “conversation quilt”.  The strings are from many of the scraps and bits leftover from previous quilt projects.  Since each piece has a story to tell, the name conversation quilt was born.

I used all I had of the two black/white fabrics that I purchased last weekend to make this quilt.  The quilt is plenty long enough, but it should be a little wider to better fit our bed.  A couple of my friends and I were discussing border options on-line.  Since this is a conversation quilt, we decided that the quilt would tell us what it needed for borders.  We listened, and with the assistance of a friend, I have secured more of the two black and white fabrics.  Once the fabrics are received in the mail, I will be making this quilt top two blocks wider.  Even though I almost always add at least one border to my quilts, this quilt definitely was not in need of a border. 

I used quite a few of the colour catcher string blocks that I had on hand and I still have more left.  I will be on the lookout for more quilting ideas to use up the remainder of the blocks so stay tuned for more colour catcher string quilts!

3 thoughts on “Colour Catcher String Quilt

  1. I can see where that little spot to enjoy plants and the feathered friends would be a little oasis spot. Make it easier to wash dishes and such. Is this were Joey does his best bird watching?

    Good on your friend and your friend’s friend coming up with more of the needed fabrics so you could make it wider. We had another idea as a backup if that was not possible but a tad more would finish it up more like you were first thinking.

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