Green Crumb / Ladybug Flimsy

I spent time working on a super secret project yesterday that I can’t say anything about or show any pictures of.  However, last night I decided to put the borders on this top and get it moved off the design wall.  This is a top made from green crumb blocks.  I joined 4 green crumb blocks together to make a 12.5″ block and then sashed them with 2.5″ yellow strips using red cornerstones.  The yellow plays off the daisies in the border print and the red plays off the ladybugs in the border print.  This top was completely made from stash.

This top currently measures 63″ x 77″.  Another top finished to the flimsy stage.

5 thoughts on “Green Crumb / Ladybug Flimsy

  1. I like it! The border print is so cute and the yellow and red sashing/cornerstones set off the blocks so nicely.

    Hurray for a finished flimsy!

    (No questions about the other)

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