Quilt, Quilt, Quilt

I have been busy in my studio since we came home from our holiday in Alaska this fall. I have quilted 9 quilts for customers and 4 quilts for myself (Fall Warm Wishes, Daffodil BQ2, Rooster Strip Twist, and Dryer Sheet Diamond String).

Most long arm quilters would not feel that quilting 13 quilts in 3 months is that big an achievement, but keep in mind I have a full time day job on top of my quilting.

These are pictures of the customer quilts.

All quilts except one were quilted using Circle Lord’s templates.

The squares on this quilt were quilted in the ditch using my Bernina dsm.

I still have some customer quilts to finish, but thankfully, everything that was required to be completed prior to Christmas is now finished! I am now working on deadlines for after New Year’s.

8 thoughts on “Quilt, Quilt, Quilt

  1. Oh my, you do beautiful work! I so much want a long-arm and dream of the day I can get one! I told my husband after our son is home from his mission and he and his younger sister are off on their own and married that this is the first thing I want to splurge on! I have a few years to save a penny or two towards it since my youngest is 16 and I don’t have the room now for one anyway!

  2. Wonderful quilts Norma,
    You do fantastic work on your Long arm and I think that is quite the achievement to get so many quilts quilted in that time period. It seems like a fair amount to me.
    I really like the curly q’s on the alphabet quilt. I love how it gives movement on that quilt.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy holidays to you and yours,

  3. Considering that quilting is NOT your day job, you have done quite well to get not only your customers quilts done but your own in between this year!

    They all turned out well but how striking is that spiral on the BQ quilt! It really is a “pow” on the green background the quilter chose!

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