Collecting Colors SAL

This is how far I got by February 18, 2020 on the Collecting Colors SAL.

Beginning in January 2020, Aurifil initiated a stitch along designed by Susan Ache. The idea was that each month from January to August they would release another piece of the design. They called this design, Collecting Colors. The design features Aurifil threads but I managed to find the DMC conversion for most of the threads. For those Aurifil threads that I couldn’t find a DMC conversion for, I went to the RGB (red, green, blue) value for the Aurifil thread and then worked out the coversion to the closest DMC color using Damaniel’s RGB to DMC Color Converter.

From the Aurifil website, “Just like sewing a sampler quilt, you’ll need blocks, sashing, and a border. For the Collecting Colors SAL, we’ll name them like a menu. The sashing is the appetizer, the blocks will be the entrée, and the border will be the dessert.”  

This is the image of the finished cross stitch piece from Aurifil’s website.

When you are finished, you end up with a cross stitched “quilt”.

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