Zoom Sewing

This is the second stacked coins quilt I have worked on.

I worked on putting this one together during the Zoom quilting session that Chookyblue from Australia organized on Saturday. The Zoom session started at 6 am on Sunday in Australia which is 1 pm on Saturday here in western Canada. I still marvel that a pandemic was responsible for bringing together quilters from all over the world to sew together in a real time setting. This is the second Zoom session that Chookyblue organized that I attended. I am quite enjoying sewing along with the group. The different time zones in the different countries make it a bit challenging, but the the quilting conversation brings us all together. Quilters have a unique way of connecting with each other.

This top just needs borders. Maybe I will get those attached during our regular Friday night guild Zoom sew-in.

Who knew a pandemic would open our eyes to the possibilities of technology?

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