A White Christmas

This was the view from our bedroom window when we went to bed on Christmas Day. We managed to have a white Christmas this year–something that only occurs once in every 10 years here.

These photos were taken on Boxing Day just before my daughter and I headed out for the traditional Boxing Day shopping. The temperature had warmed up quite a bit from the day before and this snow quickly turned to slush.

This morning we woke up to even more snow. I am now officially tired of this white stuff and will be welcoming the liquid sunshine should it decide to return!

4 thoughts on “A White Christmas

  1. One of my quilting friends was just saying today that this Christmas will not go into the record books as a white Christmas because there was no snow at the Airport Christmas morning – even though it snowed later in the day!! How is it now? Is it still snowy?

    Have a Happy New Year!!!

  2. Oh – how beautiful! I’m positively envious. Never have experienced a white Christmas – I greet the season each year with a heart full of hope however.

  3. Winter is just beginning! I told Keith today that we’ve had way more snow this year and December was a lot colder than our first one here too. I love the snow but then it’s still new to me! Talk to me in a few years.

  4. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous–it looks so peaceful and still with just the glow of the street light.

    Being from the Midwest this would be the only time that I would appreciate the snow–that scrunchy noise it makes when you walk on it, before the cars exhaust smoke turns it all gray and slushy, and just how quiet things sound. DJ kept saying he would not mind a bit of snow for Christmas but we got about an inch of rain instead.

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