Perfect Group Quilting Project

This is a quilt that I just finished quilting today. This quilt belongs to a quilt group that is planning to raffle it later this year. Proceeds from the raffle are to benefit cancer research.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a quilt pattern that can be accomplished successfully by a group of quilters because each individual’s piecing skills and measurements can be their own. A group of blocks made by different individuals can be challenging to put together into a nice flat quilt top.

The secret to the success of this quilt block is the “floating” star. The white pieces around the star are deliberately pieced larger than required. After the star block is finished it is squared to 9 1/2″. This squaring after piecing ensures that all blocks are exactly the same size. The sashing rectangles that surround the stars finish at 2 3/4″ wide and are either 7 1/4″ long for the top of the block or 9″ long for the sides of the block. Because these blocks are all pieced from scraps in each quilter’s existing stash, the only cost outlay for the group is the batting, backing and long arm quilting.

I have added the finished dimensions to the parts of the block onto the photo in case some of you want to make your own version of this star quilt.

UPDATE: This pattern is an Atkinson Designs quilt called “Lucky Stars”.

21 thoughts on “Perfect Group Quilting Project

  1. What a colorful quilt – and a great one for using up stash. Thanks for giving us the finished dimensions. I saved the information for my “some day” file.

  2. What a beautiful quilt! I just love the way it turned out. So colourful and cheerful! You are right, a group quilt can be challenging to piece. You seemed to have solve the issue well. Thanks for sharing! Happy quilting!

  3. You are so right. That is a great pattern for a group. I love the way the stars float and no one can mess up their points. I’ll have to keep that in mind for our group next time we need a raffle quilt. :oD

  4. Hi Norma, I hit the wrong comments slot…LOL, and my praise for the star quilt is down below in SPring Forward…guess I’m still NOT awake from all this foolishness. Sorry about that, hugs, Finn

    P.S. love the little quilts that you let your friend practice on…they and the quilting look great!

  5. Hi Norma. I am making a similar quilt for a kindergarten bazaar with a group of friends and we’ve been plugging away. Wow. I could have used your great tutorial back when we started. Very interesting to see how the blocks are latticed. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful quilt.

  6. That is a great scrappy quilt — even to use up our own scraps. Thanks for the info. Looks like it would be a fun quilt to make — I will add it to my list – LOL

  7. I love scrappy quilts and this one is no exception. The idea of the floating stars for a group quilt is very good. I will remember! Thank you for sharing so many great pictures of your machine quilting. You are an inspiration!

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