Spring Forward

Last night we moved our clocks forward one hour.

I am not usually too impacted by the time change but today it seems to have hit me harder than usual. The graphic above definitely does not reflect how I am feeling about the loss of an hour of sleep!

Even Joey seems to have been caught a little off guard!

8 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. I’m with Joey — an afternoon nap was definately called for. I’ll no doubt regret it later when I can’t sleep tonight, and pay tomorrow, but I must say, it made today much more pleasant 😉

  2. I hate changing the clocks—just put it to one time or the other and keep it there, for pete’s sake!

    It looks pitch black behind Joey’s perch so no wonder he looks beat, LOL. He shows up better today but it might be the contrast between him and the perch?

  3. Hi Norma, what a great quilt you just did for the raffle. I really like that idea of making the background pieces bigger, will have to remember that.
    Poor Joey,he looks just like I feel. And very comfy! Hugs, Finn

  4. I’ve been waking my cats up in the morning lately too, so funny to see them blinking and stretching…. hey, whassup?

    Joey looks REALLY comfy though.

    And all your miniature quilts are beautiful! And that log cabin with the birds, lovely.

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