Lindsay’s Wedding



Today was Lindsay’s wedding.  Lindsay has been part of our family for what seems like forever.  Lindsay is the same age as our son and has been a best friend to our daughter over the years.

I made this quilt as a wedding gift for Eduardo and Lindsay.  The pattern is Random Reflections by Karrie Lyne from Freckled Whimsy and can be found on the Moda Bake Shop site.  The quilt is 60″ x 80″ which is larger than the pattern.  I wanted this to be a quilt that could be used to wrap in on cool winter nights while watching TV.  When I asked our daughter what Lindsay’s favorite colour was, she replied, “You know how I like purple and green?  Well, Lindsay likes green and purple.”  That comment made me chuckle.  Since my favorite colour is also green, there is no shortage of green fabrics in my stash.  And so, this quilt was made from strips of the many green fabrics that line the shelves of my studio.


This is the backing fabric that I used on this quilt.  It is called, “The Bee’s Knees” by Terrie Mangat for Free Spirit Westminster Fibers.  I wanted something that was a bit modern looking since I was told that the groom prefers the “modern” look.  This fabric had a touch of purple for the bride and the large design made it very modern looking which was perfect for this quilt.



This is Lindsay and her Dad walking down the aisle.


Lindsay was Maid of Honour for our daughter two years ago.  And today our daughter was Matron of Honour for Lindsay.




The happy couple with our DD.


IMG_0922My husband and I with the happy couple.



Both of our kids are getting married this year.  Our son is getting married on June 17 and our daughter is getting married on September 1. 
Both kids are planning slide shows to be shown during their wedding receptions.  Because they needed pictures of themselves as they were growing up, we spent the better part of a weekend going through old photos and scanning them into the computer. 
Going through these pictures brought back many happy memories for me.  These are some of my favorites.
Our son:
Our son and family dog, Marlo in the wheel barrow:
Our son and daughter:

 Our son pulling his sister in the wagon:

Our daughter and son:

Our daughter:

Our daughter listening to music on my husband’s knee:

Our son, all dressed up and waiting to go out with Mom and Dad:

Me and our daughter after the “goat incident”.  We were at a petting zoo and the goat that my daughter was petting decided to chew on her shirt tail.  Our daughter was not impressed!

“A mother’s memories can never be erased from her heart.”

Congratulations Steve and Karen

This is my Fall Warm Wishes quilt. I just finished the last of the binding stitches on this quilt on yesterday morning–just in time to be given as a wedding gift that same day. Later in the afternoon on Saturday we attended the wedding of my husband’s cousin, Steve. Steve and Karen had a fall themed wedding and this quilt turned out to be the most appropriately coloured quilt to commemorate the occasion.

I used this photo to make a card to go with the quilt.

This is how Steve and Karen entered the hall where the reception was held. Karen was not letting go of Steve!

Congratulations Karen and Steve!

This is a picture of the two good looking men in my life, taken at the wedding reception: DS on the left and DH on the right.

Jeff and Yi-wen’s Wedding – September 21, 2008

Our nephew, Jeff was married to Yi-wen here in Canada on September 21, 2008. Jeff and Yi-wen will be returning to Taiwan to live.

This is a picture of Jeff, Yi-Wen, my DH’s sister, Gwen, and her husband, Rick. It has been some time since we have had my husband’s family all together in one place. Everyone was in attendance at this wedding with one exception–our oldest nephew. We left a spot for him in the back row so that the photographer can “Photo Shop” in his picture later. The wonders of technology! This picture represents my husband’s immediate family–his mother, 4 sisters, 1 brother, and all their spouses and children. Quite a crowd!
The grandchildren wanted their own picture with Grandma so here it is. Grandma with all her biological grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and spouses.

This is the happy couple during the dinner.
This is the groom getting some advice from his uncle, my DH.
This is my daughter and her boyfriend.
This is my son and his girlfriend.

Laurie and Jamie’s Wedding Quilts Finished

Did you notice the title of this post? Yes, it says “quilts” –as in more than one.

If you remember back on July 22 I showed you the fabrics that were part of what I was calling the South American Challenge. “Plan A” was to make a Trip Around the World Quilt reflecting Laurie’s (my niece) many trips to far away countries over the years, inspired by the colours in the fabrics that Laurie brought back home to Canada from South America. This plan was proceeding along just fine until I reached the point where I was going to apply the borders to the quilt. The fabrics from South America were not quilting fabrics. These fabrics were of a different weight than the quilting fabrics used in the Trip Around the World quilt and were loosely woven and required stabilizer before I could cut them. I just could not continue with this plan. It was clear that a quilt combining the quilting fabrics and the woven fabrics was not going to happen.

On to “Plan B”. I decided to finish the Trip Around the World quilt with quilting fabrics, adding a narrow border (actually a flap of fabric) and a wider border made from quilting fabrics in the main body of the quilt. In order to still make a quilt from the South American fabrics, I decided to showcase those fabrics in their own quilt. My husband started to refer to this quilt as the “Bonus Quilt”. A simple nine patch made from these fabrics was backed with the same navy blue flannel fabric used to back the Trip Around the World quilt, and quilted in the same manner as the Trip Around the World quilt using the Circle Lord Baptist Fan.

The following three pictures are of the queen size Trip Around the World Quilt.

The following two pictures are of the Nine Patch throw made from the South American fabrics.

The next picture is the happy couple on their wedding day in Hastings, England taken on May 26, 2007. The couple on the left are my BIL and SIL–parents of the bride. Laurie and Jamie were married in England but because many of the Canadian friends and family could not make the trip to England for the special day, a second celebration was held yesterday, August 25, 2007 here in Canada. The quilts were presented to the happy couple at yesterday’s celebration.

Congratulations Laurie and Jamie!

A Quilt sewn together,

With utmost care,

quilted with love,

is a treasure to share.