Congratulations Steve and Karen

This is my Fall Warm Wishes quilt. I just finished the last of the binding stitches on this quilt on yesterday morning–just in time to be given as a wedding gift that same day. Later in the afternoon on Saturday we attended the wedding of my husband’s cousin, Steve. Steve and Karen had a fall themed wedding and this quilt turned out to be the most appropriately coloured quilt to commemorate the occasion.

I used this photo to make a card to go with the quilt.

This is how Steve and Karen entered the hall where the reception was held. Karen was not letting go of Steve!

Congratulations Karen and Steve!

This is a picture of the two good looking men in my life, taken at the wedding reception: DS on the left and DH on the right.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Steve and Karen

  1. I think the fall colored Warm Wishes was the perfect thing for Steve and Karen. Seeing as they were going with a fall theme and all.

    And I agree, your two guys ARE good looking.

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