Do you remember my post regarding the post card from England?

Our Tuesday Quilter Group met last Thursday (October 1) night for coffee where the mystery of who sent the post cards to us here in Canada was revealed.

My post card was from Chris. This is a picture of Chris. Chris wasn’t at the coffee shop but one of the quilters from the England group who is a sister to a member of our group was there. She had brought along photos of all the gals in England along with addresses so we can start to correspond with our new quilting friends across the ocean in England. The following pictures are our Tuesday Quilting Group here in Canada. These photos were taken at the coffee shop on last Thursday evening.

The room was buzzing with the conversation and suggestions for where we go from here–two groups of women who share a common interest in quilting separated by a large country and an ocean. There is a lot of excitement ahead……..

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