Guild Night

Wednesday, March 18 was our monthly guild meeting. Our guest speakers were some of our members who presented their pieces that they have created together as a group as they have worked together through some art quilting books.

Later, a couple of the members disclosed during show and tell that sometimes they incorporate some unusual elements into their quilted pieces–in this case it was Guinness beer cans. They have discovered that after being heated with a torch a Guinness can turns into a bronze/gold coloured medallion shape. Interesting for sure!

The highlight of the evening was after show and tell when all the We Care quilts that had been handed in that night were held up for display. We had 32 quilts turned in at this meeting and once we had them all held up, they circled the hall.

You will recognize some of the quilts from the workshop we had earlier this month.

2008 Quilt Show Challenge

This is a picture of the fabric for our quilt guild’s 2008 Quilt Show Challenge. The name of our show (to be held in September 2008) is: “Quilts From the Heart”.

The “rules” of the challenge are simple.

1. Purchase your kit for $2.00. (The low cost of the challenge fabric is thanks to the Liquidation World fabric sale!) The fabric is a strip 8″ wide by WOF. Basically, the organizer bought what fabric was left on the bolt and divided the piece by 24 (total number of kits). You don’t need to use all of the fabric, but we are to use enough that it is clearly visible (a 1″ square would not suffice).

2. Your quilt must include at least one heart motif.

3. The outside perimeter of your work should be no smaller than 72″ and no bigger than 168″.

4. Your work must have a hanging sleeve.

5. You must include a label on the back of the quilt, and then cover the label with a piece of fabric to ensure anonymity.

6. Quilts are to be submitted at the September meeting in an unmarked bag.

7. Winners will be determined at the quilt show by Viewer’s Choice.

8. Have fun!

This sounds like my kind of challenge–especially, rule #8!

We Care Workshop

Today was our quilt guild’s We Care Workshop. We had 29 guild members in attendance and a total of 35 quilts were worked on. These quilts will go a long way to filling the need in our communities’ hospitals, long term care homes, and women’s shelters.

The We Care Committee did an excellent job in securing an excellent facility. We each had our own table to set up our machines. We worked in pairs to share irons and cutting boards. Everyone had plenty of room. The committee prepared kits for several different quilt patterns. All strips, backing, and batting had been pre-cut for you. Some kits even included pre-made binding! There were also samples of the quilts made up and attached to the wall so if you got stuck, you could quickly re-orient yourself by looking at one of the samples.
Almost everyone left with their quilt top basted and ready to quilt when they get got home. It will be wonderful to the see the “train” of quilts at the next guild meeting later this month!
When a large group gets together to work towards a common goal, it is amazing what can be accomplished! Many hands make light work!