2014 Fall Fair

This weekend was our small community’s annual Fall Fair.

The fair kicked off Friday afternoon with midway rides, some entertainment on the stage, and fireworks.  We are lucky that we are able to enjoy the fireworks from our back yard.


View of the Midway from our backyard.


Saturday morning was the annual parade.  As you can tell by a lot of the parade entries, the theme of this year’s fair was. “the Year of the HoneyBee”.

After the parade, it is tradition to head to the hall to look at the exhibits and see what prizes our family members have won.  This year, our daughter entered 5 items in the baking and craft sections and took home 4 first places and 1 second place which gave her $24 in prize money and a $20 gift certificate from Bernardin.  I entered 6 quilts and took home 6 first places, earning $27 in prize money.  There was quite the debate in our house over who took top honors and whether the $20 gift certificate should be included in the total tally.


DH having a look at the exhibits.


The Quilt and Sewing Section.


More exhibits.

Dana with Baking

DD with her gift basket entry.

Dana's HoneyBee and Honey Theme - Cookies with honey

DD’s HoneyBee themed cookies.

Dana's HoneyBee and Honey Theme - Muffins with honey

DD’s HoneyBee themed muffins.


DD’s cake.

Dana's Baking - Gift Basket with 4 baked items


My quilt on the left – Mexican Tiles.


My quilt on the left – Pumpkin Patch.

The quilt blocks for both Mexican Tiles and Pumpkin Patch are made using the technique in HD Design’s quilt pattern, 4-Patch Stacked Posies.  The setting of the blocks is my own design.  Mexican Tiles was quilted on my long arm using the Loricircles’ Swirls pattern board and Pumpkin Patch was quilted on my Bernina using vertical lines spaced about every 1/2″ or so.


My Snowman Table Runner.

My Snowman Table Runner is made from the Designs to Share With You pattern, It’s Fast, It’s Easy.


My Miniature Quilt – Chickens in the Farm Yard.

My Chickens in the Farm Yard quilt is made from a paper piecing pattern that was in a Miniature Quilts magazine years ago.


My quilt – Crayon Box.

My Crayon Box quilt is one of Bonnie Hunter’s free quilt patterns by the same name.

Norma's HoneyBee and Honey Theme - Needlework Picture

HoneyBee Themed Challenge.

Norma's HoneyBee and Honey Theme - Needlework Picture - Large

My quilt – HoneyBee Themed Challenge – Home is the Best Place to Bee!

My HoneyBee challenge quilt was made from an out of print pattern that I picked up at a quilt show garage sale table for 25 cents earlier this Spring.  The pattern is called, “Bee Home Pillow – 105” from Bird Brain Designs.  My quilt measures 17.5 inches square.


Sarge – DD and DSIL’s dog.

My husband and I were able to puppy sit for the evening on Saturday night while our daughter and son-in-law attended a wedding.


A Deere family.

Our son-in-law is a John Deere fan so I couldn’t resist taking a “family” picture with the tractor.

By Sunday morning when we got up, almost all evidence of the fair was gone.  The Midway had packed up and moved on and all the tents and exhibits were removed from the field behind our house.  This year’s fair is now only a memory.  …looking forward to next year!

Fall Fair Weekend – September 13, 2008

Our small town has an annual Fall Fair the second Saturday of September every year. This year the weather cooperated and we had a great turnout. The fair starts Friday afternoon and goes right through Saturday night.

These are some pictures of the parade through our main street on Saturday morning.

Every parade starts with the RCMP. I remember when the constable leading the parade used to borrow a local horse and ride the route, now they drive a vehicle. Here we have the local Legion members.

It is tradition for the Corn King (last year it was a Corn Queen for the first time) be driven in a horse drawn carriage. It is great that some traditions remain alive.
A small float.
Here we have the next Grad class. Another tradition is that the next class that will be graduating rides on a float in the parade.

Restored old vehicles are always a hit.

These kids were cute with their ponies.

This is the rest of the Grad class.
This little boy was so cute with his mini “chopper” and henna tattoos.
The teenage boys loved this truck.
The fair includes a tractor pull. Each year the tractors that will be competing in the tractor pull are invited to drive the parade route. Because my Dad was not at this year’s fair, I have taken these pictures for him. Yes, there were a lot of tractors!

You know you are getting to the end of the parade when you see the fire trucks coming.
The next two pictures were taken from our deck looking across our back yard. This gives you an idea just how close the fair is to us. We literally live fair for the week prior to the opening as all the big trucks and rides arrive and set up.
The people standing inside that chain link fence are in the beer garden. This would have to be the downside of the fair. This year that beer garden opened up at supper time Friday night and stayed open until 11:00 pm and then opened up again Saturday morning and ran until 11:00 pm Saturday night.
To the right of our shed there is an easement or opening in the fence to the fairgrounds. Where do you suppose all those people who have been drinking for hours go when they leave? You guessed it–through that opening in the fence and past our yard, sometimes through our yard to their parked vehicles. Of course they leave all their garbage, beer cans, etc. along the way. This year I was grateful to hear that the RCMP set up several road blocks on the edge of town to intercept those who insisted on drinking and driving.

Maple Ridge Country Fest – July 19

Last Saturday was the Maple Ridge Country Fest and since the weather was great, we headed out to enjoy a day at the fair!

Just after getting through the gates we noticed this group of ladies gathering together. Don’t they look like they are ready for a day of fun!

One of the exhibits was a Fibre fest. This is Wilbur the moose. He is made of all kinds of fibres and textures. Don’t you just love his knitted socks!

Here is my mom posing with Wilbur. I told her we needed her in the picture to show the perspective of just how big Wilbur was but really, I just wanted to take her picture.
The guys (my DH and Dad) thought this sign was funny, “Gone hooking”! Of course it is referring to rug hooking. I am not sure what they thought it was referring to! LOL

This was Darth Router. His hands were made from pliers and his head from a router. My Dad was quite fascinated by him.

This was a Chianina steer that my DD was fascinated by. He was huge!

Of course a fair is all about the animals.

Doesn’t my Dad look happy.

This is why. His favorite animal was the ducks.

I am sure if I tried to sleep like this my neck would be so sore!

This llama just stared at me.

She never took her eyes off of me–but then that is because she had this cute little baby with her.

Don’t these guys look adorable?

Do you recognize these vegetables? That is my DD on the left as an ear of corn and my Mom on the right posing as a bunch of carrots.

This is Turkey Dana!
This photo is for my son. He wasn’t with us, but I am sure if he was, he would have been fascinated by the outhouse.
And that was our day of fun at the fair!