I am working on two quilting challenges right now.bee-Optimized

1.  The first  challenge is with our local Fall Fair.  This year is our 110th Fall Fair and our 66th Corn Festival.  The theme of our local fair is, “Year of the…Honey Bee!”.  In conjunction with the theme of the fair, our local fair committee issues challenges in the categories of needlework, quilting, baking, and canning in keeping with that year’s fair theme.  Under quilting, the challenge is to make a, “Fall Fair Theme Quilt – using the honey bee theme.  Any size.  Open to all age/groups.”  When I was at the Langley Quilters Guild show in May, I shopped in the guild’s boutique and picked up a used applique pattern for $0.25 that I think will work perfectly for this challenge.


2.  The second challenge is with our local quilt guild.  This year our quilt show is October 17 and 18.  The theme of the challenge is, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.”  The rules for this one are:

– Each challenge piece must include at least one rose and at least one violet.  Feel free to add more if you want.

– Your challenge piece must be no larger than 96 inches around or if you want it square, it is 24 inches by 24 inches.

– You are free to include any fabric or technique you wish, piecing, applique, photo transfer, beading, ink-work, embroidery or ???.

I have the pattern and two of the fabrics that I want to use for this one. I am still on the hunt for one more fabric and then I can start the piecing.

I can’t show pattern or fabric details for these challenges at this point as we are supposed to be keeping details a secret until unveiling.  …so stay tuned!

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