Maple Ridge Country Fest – July 19

Last Saturday was the Maple Ridge Country Fest and since the weather was great, we headed out to enjoy a day at the fair!

Just after getting through the gates we noticed this group of ladies gathering together. Don’t they look like they are ready for a day of fun!

One of the exhibits was a Fibre fest. This is Wilbur the moose. He is made of all kinds of fibres and textures. Don’t you just love his knitted socks!

Here is my mom posing with Wilbur. I told her we needed her in the picture to show the perspective of just how big Wilbur was but really, I just wanted to take her picture.
The guys (my DH and Dad) thought this sign was funny, “Gone hooking”! Of course it is referring to rug hooking. I am not sure what they thought it was referring to! LOL

This was Darth Router. His hands were made from pliers and his head from a router. My Dad was quite fascinated by him.

This was a Chianina steer that my DD was fascinated by. He was huge!

Of course a fair is all about the animals.

Doesn’t my Dad look happy.

This is why. His favorite animal was the ducks.

I am sure if I tried to sleep like this my neck would be so sore!

This llama just stared at me.

She never took her eyes off of me–but then that is because she had this cute little baby with her.

Don’t these guys look adorable?

Do you recognize these vegetables? That is my DD on the left as an ear of corn and my Mom on the right posing as a bunch of carrots.

This is Turkey Dana!
This photo is for my son. He wasn’t with us, but I am sure if he was, he would have been fascinated by the outhouse.
And that was our day of fun at the fair!

4 thoughts on “Maple Ridge Country Fest – July 19

  1. No wonder you were busy for a time last night–lots of cool pictures to post. Looks like the whole group had a blast at the fair! Something for everyone to enjoy.

  2. I haven’t been to a county fair in ages. You certainly had a lot of fun. The baby ducks are adorable. The moose is fantastic. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  3. What a wonderful time you had. Your pictures truly show it.

    You saw a group of Red Hatters! I’ve heard of them, but I haven’t actually seen any of them done up in their finery.


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