Customer Quilts

The last customer quilt for Christmas delivery is finished and off the frame! Picture me doing a happy dance!

As I scan through the pictures of the customer quilts that have been finished recently, I wonder how many of these quilts will be under the tree this year, ready to surprise friends and family, ready to wrap the recipient in a warm hug………

10 thoughts on “Customer Quilts

  1. WOW! Norma, I know you were busy with these but didn’t realize just how many there were! The multi-rail fence is the last one–the husband and wife team? I am definitely picturing the happy dance going on!

    Now I wonder what you plan on loading next–which one of your own from the completed top list?

  2. I can’t imagine a better gift than opening a quilt. Lovely quilting on all those customer quilts, Norma. My favorite in the line up looks like random strings and orphan blocks. Your stack of strings blocks looks great!

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