Happy Birthday Dad!

December 16th is my Dad’s birthday.

We are fortunate that my parents now live in the same town that we live in. For so many years, communication was by phone with 800 to 1,200 miles between us (depending on the year and where everyone was living at the time). Visits in person were jam packed with activity, limited to a few days at a time. Now we are able to pop over to Mom and Dad’s for coffee and visa verse. We are thrilled with this arrangement! Saturday night we headed to Mom and Dad’s to enjoy birthday cake with my Dad.

For as long as I can remember, a birthday cake was an angel food cake. That is why this cake looks remarkably like the cake we had on my birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I couldn’t resist including this picture. This picture was taken by my mother of my daughter and myself taking pictures of Dad with his cake. At one point, Dad said, “That’s it, enough pictures.” I told him he had to sit still for at least one more because I had only taken one so far–the rest had been taken by the other shutterbugs in the family! I heard my daughter tell her boyfriend that this was part of the tradition, getting your picture taken with your birthday cake.

I love tradition and love even more that my kids are picking up on the traditions and sound like they will continue on with them.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. We too have the tradition of taking a photo of the birthday person with their cake … I’m glad I do it because my kids really enjoy looking at previous birthday cakes and comparing what they got at the same ages.

  2. How nice for you that you all are close together! The tradition in our family is that we take the cake OUTSIDE to blow out the candles because of bad allergies/asthma some of us have… candle smoke. 1 year my sisters new boyfriend jumped up – where are you going with that cake? You haven’t blown out the candles yet!? It was very funny and we still laugh about it – so good of you DD to explain the traditions as you go along! It was a complete shocker to my sister’s boyfriend until we explained the reason!



  3. I missed this post somehow, Norma. Your dad is a handsome fellow. Happy Birthday to him!

    Was that an angel food cake? I think you said that is the cake of choice for family birthdays?

    It doesn’t matter how old you get, you still need your picture taken with the cake as that is how we mark the passage of time. Of course, when the kids were little you can probably count the candles and with some degree of accuracy, figure out what year the photo was taken. Adults, get representative candles or the smoke alarm might get set off, LOL.

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