Customer Quilt

This was today’s finish–a quilt for a customer. This quilt is quilted with 105 concentric circles and 56 part circles with the wave on the border. This quilt has taken me a little longer than the average customer quilt as each circle has a start and stop. It took a day and a half just to tie off the threads and then bury and clip the ends.

Some quilters like to back stitch and then just clip. I prefer the look of no back stitching, tying off by hand and burying the threads in the batting like the hand quilters do. It takes me longer, but I prefer the look.

7 thoughts on “Customer Quilt

  1. LOL, I am beyond behind! And I kept finding more stuff stashed away that needs tended to including some blocks that could go into an “orphaned” block quilt. Like I need another project, LOL.

    I love this quilt—what an unusual block. The quilting really complements it, Norma.

    Happy Canada Day!

  2. This is really pretty. Nice to hear about people taking interest in anothers final product! Is the shape of the quilt an optical illusion? Wider in the center?

  3. I like the circle quilting on this. I don’t bury threads but on a quilt like this I’m sure the extra effort is probably worth it. Of course, it sounds like you do it on all yours.

  4. gorgeous quilting on a wonderful quilt- oh, I feel the same about burying those threads…seems the “old fashioned” way anymore, but, I love that look best. Do you take US customers???

  5. That quilt is beautifully enhanced by your awesome quilting! Burying the threads seem awfully time consuming, but look at the results! Stunning!

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