March Goals Met

My goals for March were to finish my March bluework snowman block and to quilt and bind my Bricks and Stepping Stones Quilt.

The March bluework snowman block was finished about a week ago.

….but the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt was not finished until late last night–just in time to make the March deadline! This quilt will be given to one of my niece’s as a wedding gift when she gets married on April 14.

This quilt measures 86″ x 104″.

The piecing pattern is from Bonnie’s Quiltville website. If you are interested in the pattern, follow this link:

I have quilted this quilt in the Wave design using Superior’s So Fine thread. This is a thread developed by John Flynn and it is the best performing thread I have come across for my long arm. I pushed the speed of the quilting on this quilt and the thread took a beating. This thread never broke once and never gave me an ounce of tension trouble. I like all of Superior’s threads, but So Fine will be the future workhorse of my studio, I am sure.

This is a closeup of the fabric on the border of this quilt. I love this fabric.

I also finished my crayon block. The moles seem to have eaten my daffodil bulbs so the only daffodils I am going to see are those that I put on a quilt!

This last picture is Joey. When I am finished with the binding on a quilt, I like to measure the length and width of the quilt. The tape measure proved to be too tempting a toy for Joey.

14 thoughts on “March Goals Met

  1. Great quilt! I am also a big So Fine fan. I love all of the Superior threads but when I need something done quickly and without problems I, like you, select So Fine.

  2. It’s a beautiful quilt – don’t you just love that pattern for scrap quilts? I’ve not ever used So Fine – I guess I should order some and see if Gandalf likes it. I’m beginning to think some of my quilting doesn’t look so good to me – like the feathers – because there is too much thread build up with the heavier thread I’m using.

  3. Your ‘snowman’ is just too cute *s* Thanks for the feedback on the thread – it’s nice to know when there’s a good one out there.
    Joey looks very much like our Dizzy -he, too, could be overcome with the urge to play. Then look around to make sure no one saw that. It could ruin his image as a cat.

  4. Wow, that quilt is going to be the bestest present! 🙂 It’s beautiful. That’s a bummer about the moles, but I do like the daffodils you stitched. And the snowman, can’t forget the snowman. Cute!! 🙂

  5. Joey definitely thinks that the tape jeasure was made for playing–Pippi, like Libby’s Dizzy would not be caught dead actually stooping to play with anything.

    The quilt looks super and I am sure your niece (and her husband) will get many years of use from this stunner.

    And look how cool that daffodil turned out as well as your snowman! Beads for the eyes, right?

  6. If a snow person wears rabbit ears, doesn’t that make it a snow bunny?

    I tease my two cats with the measuring tape too, but mine is the ‘guy’ metal kind that snaps back into it’s case. 🙂

  7. Love your bricks’nstones. The pattern was fun to make too.

    Bunny eyes? Maybe beads?

    I had one daffodil to bloom and the rest didn’t want to show. Next year there is going to be more planted.

  8. I love your bricks and stepping stones quilt. I make one for my dad when he was in the hospital recovering from back surgery. It’s such a bright and cheerful quilt. All of the nurses had to stop and take a look. lol!

    Naughty Joey! 😉

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