I Wish I Was Still In Arizona

I have been busy lately going through my vacation photos of my recent trip to Arizona and California. I still have more to share with you, but it takes time to sort through them and then post to Blogger.

The pictures in today’s post look like pictures I would have taken in December. Nope, these pictures were taken this afternoon! Here we are back in the middle of the cold, wintry, snowy weather.

I am going to go back to looking through those vacation photos and dreaming of the warm sunny skies that I recently experienced in Arizona.

Yet Another Snow Storm!

We have been living within the grip of winter for over 3 weeks now. Usually when it snows here, it lasts for a couple of days, melts, and we return to the rain we are used to. That has not been the case this winter. We have had snow storm after snowstorm with no break in between. This morning, we awoke to the greatest snow accumulation we have experienced this winter. These pictures were taken of our yard last night during the snow storm. By the way, the good looking young man in these pictures is my son. 🙂

It Continues to Snow

Just when we thought it couldn’t snow any more, we woke up to another 10″ of fresh snow this morning!

There have been reports recently on the news of roofs and awnings collapsing under the weight of the heavy snow so DH thought he should remove the snow off the roof of his shop. Here is my DH on the ladder in our backyard. Apparently just before I came out to take pictures, my husband had fallen off the ladder. It is a good thing that snow is soft!

And because the snow is so pretty, I spent a few minutes today snapping some shots outside.

Look who was watching me safe and warm inside.

This snow accumulated on my son’s car from 11 pm the previous night.

A White Christmas

This was the view from our bedroom window when we went to bed on Christmas Day. We managed to have a white Christmas this year–something that only occurs once in every 10 years here.

These photos were taken on Boxing Day just before my daughter and I headed out for the traditional Boxing Day shopping. The temperature had warmed up quite a bit from the day before and this snow quickly turned to slush.

This morning we woke up to even more snow. I am now officially tired of this white stuff and will be welcoming the liquid sunshine should it decide to return!