It Continues to Snow

Just when we thought it couldn’t snow any more, we woke up to another 10″ of fresh snow this morning!

There have been reports recently on the news of roofs and awnings collapsing under the weight of the heavy snow so DH thought he should remove the snow off the roof of his shop. Here is my DH on the ladder in our backyard. Apparently just before I came out to take pictures, my husband had fallen off the ladder. It is a good thing that snow is soft!

And because the snow is so pretty, I spent a few minutes today snapping some shots outside.

Look who was watching me safe and warm inside.

This snow accumulated on my son’s car from 11 pm the previous night.

2 thoughts on “It Continues to Snow

  1. A regular winter wonderland out there! I hope you are not loosing branches on the trees with the weight of the snow or having power outages.

    Good looking out for your kitty mama, Joey!

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