Hawaiian Slide Show – Now a Flimsy

DSC_0494I finished my Hawaiian Slide Show quilt to the flimsy stage.  This is a queen size quilt.  It is too large to get the whole quilt in one shot indoors, so here are a couple of shots of it laying across the roller of the long arm.

The quilt pattern is from my favorite designer, Terry Atkinson and it is called Slide Show.


My design wall is now empty so I have room to play with the layout of the next project.

Hawaiian Slide Show – Progress

DSC_0409eI worked on my Hawaiian Slide Show quilt on the weekend.  There are a total of 7 rows in this quilt so after completing 4 rows I am just past the half way mark.  This quilt is up on my design wall and I am committed to finishing it to the flimsy stage before taking it down.  I just know if I remove it from the design wall before it is a finished top, it will likely end up on the UFO pile.

Hawaii Slide Show

This is the newest quilt that I am working on.  This year, I wanted to focus on making the quilts that I was dreaming about making when I was on vacations and buying all the great fabrics that would later remind me of the places that I had visited.  I rarely buy the traditional tourist souvenirs when on vacation.  I now look for fabrics that invoke memories of the place  I am visiting.

My husband and I cruised to Hawaii in the fall of 2010.  While visiting the Islands I collected cotton fabrics that reminded me of the thousands of Hawaiian shirts I saw people wearing.

This is what I have assembled so far on my design wall.  The quilt will be queen size (90″ x 102″) when I am finished.  The pattern calls for cutting 2 of the large 8 in x 8 in squares from 21 different fabrics for a total of 42 squares.  This photo shows the first 21 squares and their sashing.

DSC_0292This pattern is from Terry Atkinson’s line of patterns and is called, Slide Show. atk138My quilt will finish with a border of blue batik with a white hibiscus flower on it.  I searched for a blue fabric the colour of the ocean for the border to remind me of the endless blue ocean we sailed across for 5 days before we came to the Islands.  Five days of sailing on open water with nothing to see but sky and water is worthy of a memory in this quilt!  🙂