Disappearing Four Patch

D4P - Flimsy - 64" x 75"

D4P – Flimsy – 64″ x 75″

Linda, Cher, and I have been planning a sew-in for some time now.  Last weekend – June 29 and 30 – was the weekend that we had set aside to sew together.  After sewing most of last weekend and all of today, I have a finished flimsy.

Linda had said that she wanted to make a blue and white quilt for some time now and she thought that the Disappearing 4 Patch (D4P) block would be just the ticket.  One of the first bed sized quilts that I made was a blue and white quilt so I wasn’t interested in the blue and white colourway.  However, the D4P did sound interesting.  Originally, I was going to make a red and white version.  However, I went through my stash looking for something to test the pattern and came across some pre-cut scrappy 6.5″ squares.  I made three blocks from those squares and decided that I would just keep going with that stack of scrap fabric squares.  I added Kona White to the mix as a background to update the feeling of the quilt as these squares are old!  I will save the red and white fabrics for another project.

My D4P version is a generous lap size with the flimsy finishing at 64″ x 75″.

I was so pleased that I had used up almost all of the pre-cut squares in the making of this project and then I came across another bin of 6.5″ squares.  It looks like I will need to make another project or two to finally see the bottom of that pre-cut fabric bin.

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  1. And then for a variety of reasons I didn’t get to do much sewing but I will get back to it. Yours looks wonderful in the scrappy colors! Now to find another idea for the pile that was hiding from you.

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