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I spent this afternoon being inspired by some of the most incredible quilts that I have seen in a long time.  I attended a trunk show by Kathy Doughty from Sydney, Australia.  Kathy is a fantastic speaker and her quilts are jaw dropping. “Making a quilt is like writing a song.  Its pulling in the influences in your life that are important and combining them into one specific piece.” – Kathy Doughty If you are not familiar with Kathy’s work, take some time to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gdZWumIpGc Or visit her website and blog: http://www.materialobsession.typepad.com/   DSC_1438 DSC_1439 DSC_1442 DSC_1443 DSC_1444 DSC_1446 DSC_1448 DSC_1449 My favorite quilt was this Pickle Dish quilt with a turquoise background.  Kathy calls this one Gypsy Kisses.  The pattern for this quilt can be found in the book, Material Obsession 2 by Kathy Doughty and Sara Fielke. DSC_1452 DSC_1453 DSC_1454 DSC_1455 DSC_1456 DSC_1457 DSC_1458 DSC_1459 DSC_1461 DSC_1463 DSC_1464 DSC_1465 DSC_1462 DSC_1466 DSC_1467 DSC_1468 DSC_1469 DSC_1470 DSC_1472 DSC_1473 DSC_1475 DSC_1476 DSC_1477 DSC_1478 DSC_1479 Kathy talked about using some of those old striped and plaid fabrics in our stash in a new way – as backgrounds for applique. DSC_1480   This pink quilt and the green quilt that follow are made from the same pattern.  The green quilt is Kathy’s version. DSC_1481 DSC_1482 DSC_1483 DSC_1484 DSC_1485 DSC_1486 DSC_1487 DSC_1488 DSC_1489 DSC_1490 DSC_1491 DSC_1492 This purple quilt belongs to one of Kathy’s students. DSC_1493 DSC_1494 DSC_1495 DSC_1496 After the presentation, the quilts were all laid out on tables at the back of the room so we could get a closer look at them.  Some of Kathy’s quilts do not have batting in them.  Some of the quilts have been hand quilted by a quilter that works with Kathy that quilts with perle cotton with the knots on the front of the quilt–the knots are not burried inside the quilt in the batting, or wadding as Kathy calls it. DSC_1497 DSC_1498 DSC_1499 DSC_1500 DSC_1501 I was delighted to see that this quilt was quilted with a swirl design much like the swirls that I like to put on my quilts. DSC_1502 DSC_1503 DSC_1504 DSC_1505   After the trunk show I bought Kathy’s latest book, Adding Layers and I had Kathy autograph it.  Kathy encouraged us to actually read her books, not just flip through them looking at the projects.  So, I will be enjoying this book in the coming days with my coffee during those quiet moments of the day. 61nI6NST0FL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_ Kathy talked about purchasing that incredible focus fabric and then going home to pull the fabrics from your stash to make the quilt.  I am inspired to now look at the fabrics in my stash a little differently. I feel so lucky to live close enough to venues where famous and inspiring quilters like Kathy are visiting.

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  1. I know that it has been a long while now since I saw your blog. Sincere condolences in the passing of your beloved father. My mother is around his age and my dad is 5 years older. I know how fortunate I am to continue to have my parents – I can tell that you had a wonderful relationship with him and that he was well loved. Sincere condolences to you and your loved ones on his passing.

    Loved your post about Kathy Doughty and her books. I have all of her books and admired her work for many years. Where did she come to speak? I love the bright colors of the Aussie quilters. One of my favorite magazines was the Australian patchwork and quilting magazine of which I have a sizeable collection. I post sporatically on blogger these days – mostly I try and quilt and keep up with my quilting friends on facebook. Since I went to google + people are not easily able to comment on the posts and it is hard to get any conversations going on the blog . If you are on facebook do friend me – You’ll find me under Anna McCurdy.
    Be well .
    Warmest regards,

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