Crumb Blocks Find a Home

I had a large pile of crumb blocks that desperately needed to find a quilt home.  These blocks have been sitting on the shelf in my studio for years collecting dust.  As we all know, blocks on a shelf do not do much for warming a body or soul.

So, recently, I took that stack of 40 crumb blocks off the shelf and transformed them into two large lap size quilt tops. (62″ x 74″).

At one point I had all 40 blocks sewn together into one large quilt top without sashing and cornerstones.  I wasn’t happy with the chaotic look of that top and so I picked out the seams and stacked the blocks back on the shelf.  The blocks sat for a few more years without being touched because of the memories invoked by all that reverse sewing that I did!

crumb1 crumb2Each crumb block is pieced together from 4 smaller, 6″ square crumb blocks.  There is everything in these blocks–nine patches collected from a guild nine patch block exchange many years ago, scraps of fabric from leftover quilts made for Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, floral, and other themed quilts.  These quilt tops are truly a trip down memory lane.  It always surprises me how much emotion and memories can be triggered by looking at the scraps of fabric in one of these quilts.

Fabric requirements for each quilt:

20 crumb blocks – 11.5″ square

Sashing – 34″ WOF cut into 17 – 2″ wide strips, subcut into 49 – 11.5″ strips

Border – 35″ WOF cut into 7 strips – 5″ wide

Backing – 4 meters


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