What is that yellow orb in the sky?

weather one

weather two

We have had sunny skies since Thursday (January 10).  As you can see from the pictures above, the weatherman is predicting that yellow orb in the sky to remain our friend for at least the next 10 days!

Yes, the temperatures are cool, but the wind speeds are very low and there doesn’t seem to be a hint of snow.  As long as the sun keeps shining, I don’t mind that it is cool.

Does this mean that Spring is around the corner?  I sure hope so!  Perhaps we will soon be on a first name basis with that stranger in the sky called the sun!

3 thoughts on “What is that yellow orb in the sky?

  1. lol…………..I was looking at this and thought oh thats funny I thought it was winter then I realised it is F not Celcius………these numbers are my daily temps in Cel…………..lol………

  2. I love the clear-ish skies – but I wonder what will be coming after this respite. Guess we will have to enjoy it while we can – and I do hope spring is coming early this year.

  3. Hey! love the new design and your move away from blogger means that I will be able to look at it from China without all kinds of rerouting!

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